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Summer Travel First Aid Essentials

Updated on October 19, 2011

Snake Bite

You Might Need Some Medical Attention if this happens to you.
You Might Need Some Medical Attention if this happens to you.

Insect Repellant

What is it?

Almost all insect repellents contain either

  1. DEET, which is man made chemical composition.
  2. Citronella and Lemon Eucalyptus, which are both natural.

DEET is considered to be the best, and has a large range to keep insects at bay.
There are different types of concentration, and if you are sweating, then you will need to reapply regular. They are solvent based however, and can damage your electrical equipment, and plastics such as your sun glasses, and also your camera. Both of which you will want to use regular, so you will need to be careful.

Also keep it away from your exposed membranes like your face, or lips, and always wash your hands after applying. If you want to spray this on your clothes, and then use the natural products on your skin, for the most effective solution.

The natural alternatives provide a more localized effect, which means that insects will come closer than with a DEET product, and may also land on any areas which you haven't applied.You need to make sure that you apply it to all parts of your exposed body.

Insect Repelant Band

Deet Insect Repelant Band. This contains a strong mix of DEET that repels a short distance.
Deet Insect Repelant Band. This contains a strong mix of DEET that repels a short distance.



Flight Socks

Are Used to help avoid the formation of Deep Vein Thrombosis.

This can happen when you are on long flights and your blood flow is not maintained.
They work by applying graduated compression from your ankle to above to get the blood flowing around your body, and limbs.

You only really need to consider these based on your own medical history.
They are recommended for older people, and also if you have a history of heart attacks or strokes, or are pregnant.

You should also combine them, with basic exercises, and movement around on your journey, while also drinking water.

Flight Socks Facts

Flight Socks Facts
Flight Socks Facts

Travel Sickness

With all the changes in timelines, and changes in altitude, your body clock can start to take a turn for the worst.

For short journeys, there is medicine to help that contains hyoscine.

For long Journeys, promathazine is contained int he medicine.

There are also pressure bands, that use accupuncture pressure points to help relax you.
Although there are alot of claims, there isn't anything that will help 100%
So your best idea would be to relax, and enjoy the ride. Even a little wine or beer during your flight, can help settle your nevres, but only a small drop. Along with plenty of deep breaths, and small snacks between intervals.

Travel Sickness Face

This is what you will look like with travel sickness
This is what you will look like with travel sickness

Diarrhoea Bug Profile

Diarrhoea Bug Profile
Diarrhoea Bug Profile

Flight Socks Working

Flight Socks Working
Flight Socks Working

Feeling Sick

Feeling Sick
Feeling Sick


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    • hafeezrm profile image


      9 years ago from Pakistan

      I travel a lot. Sometimes, the flight is non-stop for 16 hours in a row. Also, I travel to the worst places on earth. I would certainly be benefitted by your hubs and I am glad to be your fan.


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