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Summertime Plans When You don't have any Plans for Vacation

Updated on February 5, 2016
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Summertime Plans

With summer actually here, you probably have all the free time you could ask for! Every day feels like a Friday and you can finally try and do all the things you've been meaning to do for the longest time. The thing about this ecstatic and superfluous amount of freedom though, is that being able to do anything and everything right away makes you start thinking about what you want to do first, and you never really decided between all your decisions since they all sound so good!

Eventually, you give up on making a choice and end up doing something simple and quick that you don't really enjoy. Well at least I go through the same thing with all the movies I could be watching. Instead of making my mind up on one of them I end up watching a rerun of a TV show like Friends or anything like that. But we cannot let our time slip like that! Every day we give up on one of the many things we wanted to do we start getting bored with life and fall into a schedule of the same old routine as if it weren't summer at all and we had to be up early for work the next day!

To stop this to from happening to me again, and maybe even you, I have made a plan of things to try to do every now and then to keep sane during summer and still try a new activity every now and then!

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Image courtesy of marin at | Source
  • Wake up happy: your morning is really what decides what your day is really going to be like, so a good tip to make sure you are going to have a great one is that as soon as your eyes open up just give a good short scream and throw your fists in the air! Sounds crazy doesn't it? But you have to believe me it works! It just gives your brain this boost of energy that will carry out through the whole day. Give it a shot, there's no harm in trying right?
  • Try something new at least twice a week: this one is pretty self explanatory. Our brain and our spirit needs a new spice added to the mix every now and then. Now, most people suggest that you do something new every day, to keep life interesting and what not. But if you keep doing something new every day, then that doing something new has become a routine.

    That's why I thought of trying it just twice a week and never the same days as the last week. It can be just about anything too! Trust me; I never thought I would have a competition with my friends to see who writes best with their feet and a pen, or having a dance off to nightcore music. It's all about getting your brain a new treat.
  • Take a bath: yeah I said it. You have to take a bath. But not just any bath, I mean the whole package. For once, try it all, the scented candles, the bubbles, the soothing music. You would be amazed how peaceful and soul cleansing is to do this every now and then. I have made many decisions while taking a good bath, and I think my choices have been pretty great for now. It doesn't have to be all the time, but it has to have a place in your schedule.

Relaxing sounds of waves

  • Move things around: look at your room and start moving things. You don't need to have a specific location for anything, just move it and see where it looks great. It could be anywhere and anything, all the way from your living room to the disarranged thoughts in your mind. Try keeping them uncluttered, having the place empty for anything you want to do, especially your desk and your bed, since you need the space for work, projects and dreams.
  • Have a list and a due date: I don't know what it is about lists but they just get things done. Keep a list close on all the things you want to fulfill, do, try or eat during summer. Some of them need due dates though. It helps you start getting ready and start looking forwards to these experiences. Due dates are just a complementary idea and I've noticed that can only be applied to certain things like when you want to go scuba diving, to the movies or to that little Italian restaurant you've wanted to try for so long. Other activities such as learning a new language or spending more time with someone don't have a due date; they're more of a continuing project.
  • Don't do anything: yeah I can't believe this is in my plan either. The idea behind this whole thing is to keep you from not doing anything and actually get around to all those great things you wanted to try during summer. But, nonetheless, you'll need to take a break from the awesome time you're having and rest up. So, for a little while, don't do anything. You can take a nap, stare off into space, or play a casual game on your phone. It doesn't have to be anything special, just let it be something easy, relaxing and let your body and mind take some time off.

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Image courtesy of chrisroll at | Source
  • Meet up with friends: the joy of life, and the variety and uniqueness of it too, friends are great for having a great time with during summer and chilling in general. Arrange a meet, get together and see where the day takes you! I always have so much fun with family, but it's with friends that I feel like anything could happen. One moment we're at home with the TV on and the next we're getting our bags ready and getting in the car for a trip to the beach with a perfect playlist in the background.
  • Meet up with family: family always wants to know how you've been. Call your parents up, check out what your siblings are doing and see if you can all hang out. Reminisce, laugh, probably have a dance battle or tickle fight and enjoy the loved ones and their company.
  • Be alone: I don't mean stay at home alone. No, I mean no social media, no one but you and nature. Walks are the best way of doing this for me. Looking at the sky, breathing in the fresh air, taking in the day as it comes and listening to the world, it makes me remember how small I am and how big everything else can really be. It helps me realize how much of this world I still don't know and how much of it I still want to explore. Then the planning in my head begins and I don't know what to say, it's something inexplicable yet fascinating.

Summer is a great time to explore your wants, your needs, your life goals and where you really want to be right now. So it's ok to lie around and not get anything done, but don't let all the time slug away without doing what you really want to do.

Article by: Steven Gutiérrez

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