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Sunny Southern California

Updated on November 6, 2011

Southern California in November

You know that song, "It never rains in Southern California"? Well don't believe it, This morning I woke up to a cold bedroom and cloudy wet skies, and lots of puddles on the ground.

My 20 year old son busted the front drivers window on the car. I reminded him last week, rain was predicted, and told him to get a vinyl tablecloth to block the window. Guess what the first thing I did was, after putting the coffee on? Yes, grabbing our Christmas tablecloth and running out side. He thanked me when he woke up. But it had already been raining off and on a few hours, so the car and carpet will need a while to dry out when the sun comes out again.

Will the sun be out again? Of course this is sunny southern California. We actually live near Long Beach. 2 days ago, it was 80, now it's 45. My kitchen was 66 when I went in there. We do need the rain, otherwise my water bill soars maintaining the strawberries and tomato plants.

Do my kids know about sledding and building snowmen? Of course, I'm from Boston, and I want my kids to experience all the 4 seasons. The snow is only a 2 hour drive away. We have sleds in our garage and a box of hats, scarves and mittens. Once or twice a winter, we go for a weekend. I've even bought chains for my car, because there are times the road signs say "Closed unless chains used". 6000 feet above sea level at our latitude, it does get cold. Last month the colors were changing, but it was mostly just yellow. There are a lot of aspens where we go, not many maple nor oak trees.


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