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Super 8, Nevada MO

Updated on September 6, 2016
Super 8 2301 E. Austin Nevada, MO 64772 417-667-8883
Super 8 2301 E. Austin Nevada, MO 64772 417-667-8883

A Thought About Franchises And Chains

Most of the time when you think of franchises or chains, what comes to mind is the word familiarity. You may also think of the word continuity. In large part, besides the opportunities franchises offer to small business minded people, and of course the big money the main operators enjoy from licensing fees, royalties, and other forms of monetary gain, part of the whole idea of a chain is that no matter where the customer might happen to be he or she knows what to expect when he or she walks through that chain's doors. No matter where you go, if you walk into a McDonald's restaurant and order a burger and fries, you are going to know exactly what to expect one restaurant to the next.

This fact remains relatively true in most cases. Especially in the case of restaurants and convenience stores, department stores, and even to a large extent hair styling salons like Supercuts or Great Clips. But when it comes to hotel chains, with some exceptions, there are always going to be subtle differences about each individual hotel. This is certainly true of the Super 8 brand I have found. It is also true of the Days Inn brand for that matter. Both are part of the Wyndham company which also operates Baymont Inn, Ramada, and a few other notable hotel chain brands.

As a part of my job I travel often, and am also a Wyndham Rewards member. I could stay in any hotel I want according to the company I work for, but I have always been a man who believes in frugality. Why would I change my mind about the importance of that even if someone else is paying for my stay? I see no reason to do so just because. And frankly, my experiences with the Wyndham brands have been mostly good. Besides, racking up the rewards points which I can use for my personal stays when traveling out of town with my wife is an added benefit.

If you like to stay at Wyndham hotels, I strongly recommend you sign up as a rewards member.

Where is Super 8, Nevada?

A marker2301 E. Austin Nevada, MO -
2301 E Austin Blvd, Nevada, MO 64772, USA
get directions

A Little About Nevada, MO

According to what I can find, Nevada, MO, which is pronounced Nah-vay-dah, was founded in 1855. Apparently the town was originally called "Nevada City," a moniker chosen in honor of one of the city's founders, Dewitt Hunter, who spent some time in California in the 1800's during the gold rush.

The place he lived during that time was Nevada City, CA.

Before the Civil War, Nevada City was a Confederate city, and after the Civil War the city was renamed simply Nevada.

One can find quite a lot of history about Nevada, MO searching online. But one notable name associated with the town is Frank James, the brother of Jesse James, who lived in Nevada for five years, and whose house still stands to this day.

According to the Chamber of Commerce website, notable people who have lived in Nevada at one time or another include John Brown, John Huston, and Alice Ghostly.

The Room

One thing about Super 8 hotels, and many of the other Wyndham brands, these are what could be classified as "economy rooms." In other words, they are simple and affordable. In most of my business stays at this particular hotel in Nevada, MO, I get a single king bed, smoking room.

Yes. There are smoking rooms available at this location.

The cost of my room during my most recent stay (I have stayed at this particular location several times) was $72.04 on September 6, 2016. This stay was on a Tuesday. So my stay was certainly in the realm of affordable.

How is the staff? Every time I have stayed at this location staff has been more than friendly and helpful. To date I have never had a bad experience with any of the staff in Nevada. MO at this Super 8 hotel. Reservations are made in a snap online through Wyndham's website, confirmations of the reservation are sent via email, and I have had no billing issues to speak of. The process to book a room at the Super 8 in Nevada, MO can only be defined as seamless.

Check in is after 3 P.M., and just like the reservation process I have found the check in process to be seamless and easy. I have never called in a reservation so I cannot speak to how that process works. However, the first night I booked here I did receive a phone call mid-day from staff asking if I indeed was requesting a smoking room. The staff had apologized for calling but wanted to make sure they were providing the room I was asking for in case there was a mistake. I thought this was a plus.

My room was, and has always been, very clean. Even for a smoking room. In fact, of the many Super 8 hotels where I have stayed in the past, this particular Super 8 is probably one of the most friendly and cleanest Super 8's I have had the pleasure to stay in.

As for the view, I seem to always get a similar room on the same side of the building, and right next door there is a Meek's Home Improvement store. So that is my view. No worries. I am only here to sleep, right?

Across the street is a gas station and convenience store, and a barbeque place to eat if I wanted to go there, The hotel provides a pamphlet which offers other interesting places to eat in the area.

Usually I just order a pizza from Dominoes or something. Hey, I am on business. I am economical. There again, even though my company will pay for any meal I choose, a pizza is just fine with me and so that's what I get. But there are multiple options available to a guest depending on what they are looking for from steak joints, to Mexican cuisine, to Italian food. Nevada has as much to offer in this area as you might expect anywhere. And there are, of course, the usual suspects like McDonald's, Arby's, Wendy's, Pizza Hut, Burger King, or whatever other chain you can think of including an Applebees.

This hotel also offers an indoor pool, and there is an economical breakfast served in the morning in the lobby.

I have never eaten breakfast at this location so I cannot speak to what is offered. But traditionally when it comes to Super 8 you can expect to find coffee, orange juice, apple juice, cereal and milk, yogurt, and depending on the location maybe waffles or simple toast offerings. Almost every location I have stayed at has at least offered bagels and some form of breakfast pastry. You may also find a small offering of fruit,

During my multiple stays here my room of course offers a bed. A given right? Of course it is. But I also had a desk, a television, a 4-cup coffee maker (a huge plus for me) and a refrigerator. Every room I have stayed in at this particular location had these offerings.

My only complaint, really, is that the room is often not properly "air conditioned" when I arrive. But, this is common with many of the Super 8 hotels I have stayed in in the past. I suppose this is probably to do with the idea that no matter what temperature you set the room at before the guest arrives, it will be deemed either too hot or too cold. That being said, setting the climate controls is easy, and the room arrives at the desired temperature rather quickly.

Like any hotel I have stayed at in the past, there is, of course, no happy medium, so constant adjustments to climate controls have to be made. You are not staying at a hotel if the room is ever just right, right? If it is any consolation, even when I have stayed at a pricier and fancier Hampton Inn, I can never get the temperature just right. I think it is just a hotel thing.

Bored With This Article?

Bored with this article? Hey, it happens. I know. I read enough stuff on the Internet to know that. While you are exploring your options or deciding whether or not a stay at this Super 8 in Nevada, MO is for you, why not check out what I do in my past time when I am not on the job or writing these little reviews about places to stay?

Hey, everyone needs both a past time and a hobby, right?

If the song is crappy, at least you can take one thought home with you. I did not write this song, nor create this video while I was staying at a Super 8, and certainly not while staying at the Super 8 in Nevada, MO. Getting a guy like me in the room next to you, otherwise, might be enough to scare even the most avid guest of any Super 8 or Wyndham hotel for that matter.


At the end of the day it is a Super 8, and that means exactly what it means. It is an economy hotel room that delivers on a good night's sleep, and beyond that...

It is a Super 8.

As I said before, I have had the pleasure of staying at many Super 8 hotels in the past. All I can say about this particular location is that the rooms are clean, the staff is helpful and friendly, and while Super 8 hotels may never stand up to a five-star rating according to who you talk to, this particular location stacks up very nicely as one of the better Super 8 hotels I have had the pleasure of staying in. If you only took into account a Super 8 scale, this would be an undeniable 4 1/2 stars for a Super 8. It easily remains one of the nicer Super 8 hotels I have stayed in so far. Besides that, being just an hour or so from Kansas City makes it even better.

Would I recommend this location to friends and family wanting to stay in Nevada, MO? Yes I would.


Room rate: $72.04
Coffee pot: 4-cup
Refrigerator: Yes
Smoking: Yes
Conveniently Located: Yes
Breakfast: Yes
Clean: Yes
Stars: 4 1/2

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    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 7 months ago from England

      Hiya, we have guest houses and B and B's over here. Bed and breakfast. the only time I booked into a similar place was down in Bournemouth. well I say booked was 99 pounds for one night! about 70 dollars! I ran out the door and found another cheaper one! lol!