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Support Michigan made Products

Updated on August 13, 2009

Buy Michigan

I will be the first to admit that before Michigan's economy tooks its turn for the worst I could not have listed more than 2 products that were made in Michigan. Now with Michigan's horrible unemployment rate and failing economy, I, like many others have taken a great interest in supporting Michigan made products. I can say that even though Michigan is struggling, this struggle has brought Michiganders together. There is now a sense of community within Michigan as a state because we all know that if we work together we can make a difference in turning our states economy around. With farmer's markets, and grocery stores like Hiller's Market putting special stickers and displays on Michigan based products, we are all trying to help out local Michigan farmer's as well as Michigan's small and big businesses alike. For those of you that are unsure of what products are sold in Michigan and are interested in helping out the cause I have listed some Michigan products, as well as some pretty good resources. If we all continue to work together and invest in this great state we can start to see a positive change in Michigan's economy!

Michigan Made Food Products

-Jiffy Mix/Chelsea Milling Company

-Better Made Chips

-Garden Fresh Gourmet

-Freshwater Foods

-Uncle Bob's



-Flat-Out Breads

-Kowalski Sausage

-Browns Bun Baking Company

-Detroit Popcorn Co.

-Dearborn Sausage Co.

-Friske Orchards

-Eden Foods, Inc.

-The Ultimate Pretzel Co.

-Old Orchard Juice

Other Products Made in Michigan

-Backyard Soaps and More

-Lone Wolf Custom Bows

-Skin Essentials

-Four Winns Boats

-Lady of the Lakes Candles

-Uncle Goose Toys

-Holland Bar Stool Co.

-Barely Gentle

-Rapid River Knife Works

These are just some of the products made in Michigan. Here are some great websites and resources for Michigan based products if you are interested.


Wishing Michigan a brighter future!


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