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Surf Camps for Women - Your resource for the best Women Surf Camps on U.S. soil

Updated on August 6, 2009

Surf Camps for Women Explained

Surfing has been viewed as strictly a man's sport. Bone breaking waves and stereotypical thoughts have many people continuing to use the same views. But like all the other sports, women now seek to prove everyone wrong and have now ventured into the world of surfing. With this growing population of female surfers many surf camps have sprung up. So if you’re an up and coming young lady who wants to give surfing a try, I will share some of the best Women Surf Camps on U.S. soil.

Surf Diva Surfing School

Location: San Diego, California

Quick Overview:

This camp is known as the premier women surfing school in the world. The camp originated with twin sisters, Izzy and Coco Tihanyi. This school has been up and running for about 13 years and is still continuing to grow. The camp features coed surf lessons as well, so its a good choice should you wish to bring your male companion along. Surf Diva also features a bachelorette party filled with surf lessons. This camp was started to help women surf but now seeks to give everyone a hand.


Location: Maui, Hawaii

Quick Overview:

Me-shell Mijangos is the camps founder who ended up starting the camp by following her bliss. The camp incorporates yoga and wellness into its itinerary. It was designed as a retreat for women to enjoy themselves. Some would consider it's headquarters; Maui, the most beautiful island of all the Hawaiian islands. SwellWomen’s main goal is the overall health and wellness of women.

Kelea Surf Spa

Location: Oahu, Hawaii (North Shore)

Quick Overview:

Kelea Surf Spa got is name from an ancient Hawaiian chiefess who gave up her rank to move to the ocean to surf. The fact that its also is a spa makes this a great retreat for our female counterparts. It offers housing accommodations with maid service, wireless Internet, a swimming pool, and private patios. This is a great place for women to visit if they want to experience the culture of the North Shore.

Maui Surf Girls

Location: Maui, Hawaii

Quick Overview:

This is another surf camp that is located on the island of Maui. The camp invites people from all backgrounds, no matter their skill level. Not only will they teach you to surf but they share a wealth of knowledge concerning the outside environment. The camp is designed for younger participants of surfing.

Northwest Women's Surf Camp

Loaction: North Oregon Coast

Don’t sleep on Oregon because they are ripping waves too. Tucked away in Seaside, Oregon you can find a positive community whose goal is to teach women how to surf. The camp offers day lessons, and a even week of retreats. The community that surrounds the camp is full of outdoor adventure.

Las Olas Surf Safaris for Women (Just outside the U.S.)

Location: Sayulita, Mexico

Now this is a surf camp meant for women. The camp features yoga, massage treatments, and of course surfing all in a spa type atmosphere. This camp would be a great choice for women who want to escape for a little bit. If you want some luxury with your surfing this is the place.

Time for the fellas to make some room because women are showing that the waves are for everyone.

Which Surf Camp for Women do you prefer?

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