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New York City: The Hard Truth

Updated on March 19, 2017

Good stuff in the Big Apple

There's a reason people come from far and wide to visit New York City: there's something for everyone. Whether you want the cultured museum life or Somalian food at 4am, you will find it in New York City. Immigrants from around the globe have made their mark on the City over the years. You can see Irish bars, Jewish delis, and pizza on every corner. The world's most important financial district on one corner and an enclave of poor immigrants a few blocks down. If you want exciting nightlife or people (freak) watching, then you can do it here.

But for the unsuspecting visitor, there can be unexpected pitfalls and unpleasantness lurking.

"Fun" in New York City

A recent study was conducted on the New York City subway system which revealed many scary diseases in the system. Among these diseases were Bubonic Plague and Anthrax. There has also been talk of new, undiscovered species in the subway which have evolved as a result of darkness, chemicals, and overall filth found down in the subway.

The number, size, and boldness of rats in New York City is also legendary! In any of the five boroughs, if you look in the right place, you're bound to see massive rats in full force. There are even people who hunt rats at night their dogs. Just imagine a little lap dog performing its natural duty hunting rats in the city.

If you want to see drag queens, just ride the subway and look around you. You can even be lucky enough to enjoy a live show of someone singing or telling you a made-up sob story of why you should give them some money. If you're not into these experiences, then stay off the subway.

NYC Rat Hunt

New York Attitude

I had a recent enlightening experience with a certain public official in New York City who let everyone within earshot know about how she felt about rural America. When trying to deny someone relief they were entitled to, this person asked why certain documents were sent to an address in "fly-over country." Of course, the answer was that this address was the only address where the corporation accepted the paperwork in question. Many New Yorkers believe that their corner of the world is the only one worth any attention and that anyone not of their mindset is a "yokel." I know because I grew up with such people in New York.

Protect Your Valuables

Crime in New York City has vastly decreased since the 1970's and 1980's when the aloof leadership in the City let the animals run wild. However, New York City still houses very many disturbed people and degenerates who use their free metro cards to ride public transportation and rob unsuspecting people. Here are some tips:

  • Do not pull out money on buses or subways especially when people ask for money
  • Do not pay any mind to people asking for help or with a sob-story
  • Keep valuables like money and phones in your inside pockets and unexposed
  • Do not travel along at night
  • Do not go to certain neighborhoods period
  • Do not take rides from non-medallion cabs

By and large New York City is now a safe city for its size. However, the new mayor has done a horrible job and has reversed many of the policies which cleaned up the City. Stay tuned for how quickly things can go down the drain again.

Must Eats in New York City

1. Bronx Pizza - Anywhere on Arthur Avenue, or Rocco's on Bedford Park Blvd

2. Peter Luger Steak - Get the bacon

3. Katz Delicatessen - Get the pastrami and tip the knife man for free samples

4. Hop Kee - 21 Mott Street Chinese Institution

5. Zabar's - Go wild on the cheese, bagels, Russian Coffee Cake, and knishes

Take a cruise around the City


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