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A true New York City born survivor

Updated on May 10, 2015

The Empire State

Born for the City Life

Being born in a city & eventually learning to survive it all, isn't the easiest of things at all. For starters, each & every newborn arrives into this world there in a huge building, known as a hospital. Innocent to this foreign space, the infant arrives bursting with noise, and gasping for dare breath for the first time. Unfortunately the air isn't as clean as being born in a natural setting.

Soon after day one is over, what begins to set in, is the ever dramatic act of mechanical movements, known as public or private transportation. The new mother is quickly transported by mobile vehicle, safely and securely to shelter like structures, called apartment buildings. If she lives or resides in the borough of Manhattan, there's very little homes, but there's loads of high rise apartments.

After all the mothers have made successful touch down to their targeted destinations, its finally time for the warm reception by family and friends, if that person is fortunate enough to have any.

Preparing for the newborns

City Dwellers learn quickly with ritualistic activities

The most frequented experiences many families have shortly after leaving the hospital, is the infamous baby shower. This is all so customary, and seen as a sort of rights of passage for most city dwellers. Next up, would be the nurturing process, which for many very fortunate Women, begins with either the drinking of their breast milk, or that of processed formula milk from a near by corner store (aka Bodega in Hispanic neighborhoods), shopping mall, or supermarket.

People who are wise about raising children into such a hectic place as a city, will go at great lengths to prepare for the babies arrival ahead of time, with even a babies room, bassinet, baby clothing, childcare help books, stroller, diapers, loads of savings, and informative reading materials. This is all done to assist with the newborns development, and fully prepped months ahead. Those who poorly plan, tend to have a much more difficult time, making the transition into having an additional mouth to feed, as we all say in the city very stressful and a rough adjustment.

The toddler stage quickly zaps into the equation, as time appears to take lift off & flight, proceeded by the adolescence phases, and teenage years to come. This all st a time when when many city youth kids get the fight for dare life. The interesting thing about it all is that these parents are faced with alarming pressures, unlike living in a natural environment, this is due to the cost of living for most people, and for all the excess convenience they indeed have, plus the space they currently occupy that may be under somewhat permanent ownership of a complete stranger, the landlord (Owner of property being rented out).

So if you're not properly financed, this isn't quite the best place to try to raise a child, but there's alternatives, which would be to live far from the city's dumps or also known as the "Hood" (Discussed later in this Hub).

Alecia Keys VevoCertified NYC

New York City Has 5 boroughs

Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, & Staten Island
Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, & Staten Island
The Brooklyn Bridge
The Brooklyn Bridge | Source
Manhattan Bridge
Manhattan Bridge | Source

Growing up in New York City

For me my story of survival in the city was identical from the start as I stated at the beginning of this hub. My parents did the best they could raising me, and since my time as a child life had been filled with many twists and turns, and I felt it wouldn't be fair to share all of my hubs, without sharing this very important ingredient to how this actual "CloudExplorer" profile came into being.......

I recall my many great family moments in the city, all started out when I was about 3 year old memory wise, and leading all the way up to about 23 years of age before I joined the US Navy.

During the 70's things were very different in New York City, especially for my parents, we seemed to have it good in New York for the first 5 years of my life, since 1975-1980. Luckily I arrived into a home as a newborn, and during the wonder years (A cool TV show back in 1988, showcasing the best times). I surely wasn't an apartment baby (We had a house), no offense to those born & raised in one, but in due time things were to change little did I know.

The thing about being a member of such a huge city, you're bound to be placed where a families income leads you to, upscale or down scale, and unfortunately for my family it was in the downward direction as soon as the year of 1980 hit. Hence, judgement day arrived and we were forced to move from the plush home, to the low income apartment zone.

From that point onward I had grown up in a very bad neighborhood aka the Hood, in the Borough of the Bronx. I was born in Flushing Queens though, which was a much more nicer neighborhood to live in starting out.

From the age of 5 my parents split up, but didn't get divorced also known as legal separation to us city folks, which happens frequently to people having Marriage difficulties in New York. It was me, my mom & my brother who were to reside at a near by friends house of our mothers, after such a heart breaking family split, between my parents.

As I said I landed into a pretty bad neighborhood, but luckily my mom had an amazing family, as well as my dad, and their combination of disciplinarian powers, was surely enough to keep me and my brother clean as a whistle, far from the clutches of any criminal lifestyle or activities that approached years later in the form of various temptations.

My mother was not a joke when it came to disciplining me and my brother, we both named her Sergent Slaughter years later, because she didn't take no for an answer, and was strict as ever. I wrote about her in another hub of mine, dealing with her fight against cancer titled "Is there a natural remedy or cure for cancer?"

A Blast from the 80's past - Wow this was my humble beginnings

Caution signs are everywhere

The Cities Dangers

There are many dangers that exist in a metallic jungle known as the city, and in New York many of these dangers unfortunately may come in the form of the human kind, as seen on the nightly news.

There's criminals of all kinds that lurk in many parts of our massive city, and the weird part is many of them are so brave to make themselves known, which is done as a form of bragging, and boasting about their territory they've claimed for reputation purposes, also known as a having Rep, or representing their Ghetto Neighborhood, or also referred to as a "Set".

What most people don't realize is that these villainous characters, are no different from you and me, and generally come from impoverished area's, where people are doing bad financially just trying to make ends meet.

The human dangers aren't the only dangers of living is such a huge city, there's cars, buses, trains, railroad crossings, airplanes, vehicles of all types, and than there's many objects one must be aware of to avoid or steer away from, such as cranes, steep terrains, pot holes on the road, ditches, abandoned buildings, water ways, cracked sidewalks, hazardous off limits areas, construction areas, toxic air from sewer systems, elevator shafts, tall buildings with potential fires, and many many more not so obvious dangers.

Even stair cases have caused many accidents to occur, due to people either being clumsy, or out right reckless. I grew up accident-prone, and in and out of the hospitals as a young kid. My mom was overly protective of me like most mom's. Luckily like a cat with nine lives, I learned to survive day by day avoiding the many obstacles both human, and mechanical beast, while being playful and exploring this pretty intense city of New York.

Now that's one Big Apple

The City is a tough place to raise children, and especially in New York, I grew up craving candy, and snacks, even our foods are a danger to us
The City is a tough place to raise children, and especially in New York, I grew up craving candy, and snacks, even our foods are a danger to us

Having self awareness of ones surroundings is key to survival in the city of the Big Apple

To be aware of your environment is to be able to survive what you may be up against. So these are just some of dangerous things I had to become aware of as a child, tackle, avoid, acknowledge, and have respect for, that I've listed in the above paragraphs.

I must give thanks to the lord for all his kind blessings to me & my family. Till this very day, I've lived to tell my brave stories of trial & errors aka survival. Making me living proof that anything is possible today, if you believe in yourself, and become well aware of your surroundings.

As a young teenager I learned to tackle my fears of this massive city with choosing a vehicle for myself to drive, and I decided to take up a sport known as skate boarding (Also a cool hub I wrote on the subject), which allowed me to avoid many obstacles, by placing my movement into my own control somewhat.

I never feared the roads nor the vehicles on the street, because they all must obey street rules for the most part, so I streamlined my experiences to moving faster than my peers, and leaving many of the human dangers behind me pretty much.

I had grown aware of my hectic dangerous environment quickly, but I adjusted and adapted pretty well. I made many awesome friendships along the way, but as high school, and college approached it was obvious I would outgrow such a place we called home, located at 1773 Vyse ave in the Bronx.

My Mother had replaced my dad with a step dad, many years back around 1983 or so and we had shaky experiences with that adjustment, but it all worked out in time, thus landing me eventually into manhood. My college experience was provided in the form of a 4 part series, when I first joined hubpages, for those interested in getting to learn more about who I really am today, and also my 10 year Naval Aviation career which is also a series that I've provided for folks to get to know of my business, and professional experiences.

This is me today & I am a survivor of a greal deal of things

New York City isn't all that bad once you get use to things, but the people are tough, that's one thing for sure, driving here is a trip
New York City isn't all that bad once you get use to things, but the people are tough, that's one thing for sure, driving here is a trip | Source
I got out the US Navy back in 2008, it was a great 10 year US Military experience there, and I'm proud to have served this awesome country of the United States of America
I got out the US Navy back in 2008, it was a great 10 year US Military experience there, and I'm proud to have served this awesome country of the United States of America | Source

So where does the CloudExplorer profile come in to such a hub? In conclusion

I got the name the Cloud Explorer from the inspiration to learn about Cloud Computing, after getting out the US Navy, I was working with the MTA's Long Island Railroad at the time, as a signal repair technician, and one day I stumbled onto a book on the subject of Cloud Computing, in Manhattan at a Borders Book store.

Learning of this new technology we have at the time, was somewhat stunning to me, because I had just been through 10 years of advanced naval military technical training, and felt I was finally free to explore what I chose to learn, and so I en-devoured to discover what was its true source.

I titled my profile here in honor to such a voyage, and experience I've had thus far, in learning about the web as a whole, cloud computing, social networking, online writing and all the amazing evolutions the internet has gone through in most recent years, thus the Name CloudExplorer.

I am a true Survivor of sorts

So I'm not only a survivor of an awesomely intense city, but also a survivor on these digitized webs, or the Internet Super Highway. So this is why I'm very proud to share everything I've come in contact with, on my way to more distant territories abroad, online, as well as within the United States of America. New York was just the start of something quite amazing, the place I became truly aware of what it takes to survive it all.

If you made it this far feel free to leave an insightful comment about your own survival stories, and even write an entire hub about it, because all of our true stories deserve to be known today.

I know hubpages isn't a blogging platform, but people can learn a great deal from such true to life, symbolism, as I've creatively expressed here, and without fear of reprisal or reprimand of some sort. Just try to make it useful to others, because those articles written far to personally get people in trouble here for sure, just a tip from the wise.

Good luck, safe travels to all, and I'll be providing tourist info very soon, for those people looking to know, where not to go in this Huge city of New York I currently live in today, everything isn't quite like you see on television, so it should make for a cool helpful guide.

City Life Books


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