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Surviving very frugally while travelling

Updated on February 8, 2014

We love to travel but don't love to spend money!

Sounds like an impossible situation, doesn't it? Travelling frequently has become a way of life for us though, and we have had to find ways to make it work and still be able to pay the bills at the end of the month! Here, we will chronicle some of our past experiences and all of our future ones, and share all of our tips and insights with you to help get the most bang our of your travel buck!

A healthy, cheap vegan lunch

Lunch for 4 in the trunk of a car!
Lunch for 4 in the trunk of a car!

Your secrets?

Do you secretly (or not so secretly!) do any of the following to pinch pennies travelling?

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Extreme Travelling!

Our frequent travels mean that we have to carefully watch the budget, and no easier place to pinch pennies than the food budget...assuming you are willing to be a little creative and put some effort into planning and preparing meals for yourself rather than eating out. This enables you to use the saved money elsewhere on your trip and stretch your budget much further!

Don't worry if access to a kitchen or cooking facilities is not an option. We have been there and done that, surviving for weeks at a time without anything more to prepare food with than boiling water from a hotel's coffee/tea maker! It can be done, and we will show you how to make due with the bare minimum on the road and still remain healthy and happy!

So how can you start?

Research the area where you will be visiting if possible before you leave home, and identify places you can purchase the fresh food staples you will need. When booking a hotel, try to make sure to have a bare minimum of kettle/electric coffee maker. This will enable you to at the very least enjoy hot, cooked food that can be prepared with just hot water. Sound daunting? There are more options that you may think, including:

Breakfast- porridge/oatmeal, cream of rice or wheat, grits, and polenta. Add a bowl, spoon, banana, and a dash of brown sugar, and the day is off to a filing and economical start! If you are not fortunate enough to have access to even hot water, you can still have a cheap and healthy start to the day with dry cereal or cereal bars, bagels, fresh or dried fruit, or even a peanut butter sandwich. None of these need refrigeration; but if you are lucky enough to have access to one, or to an ice chest, you can also cheaply buy either soya-based or milk-based yogurts for more variety.


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