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Swampy The Alligator Coming To Walt Disney World

Updated on January 22, 2012

A new character is coming to Walt Disney World to meet his fans! No he's not from one of Disney's classic movies or even a television show, he's from a mobile video game. You read right, Swampy The Alligator from Disney Mobile's Where's My Water will be coming soon to the world that Walt built.

What's the story behind Swampy? Well Swampy is an alligator that lives in a city sewer system but Swampy hates being dirty! But it seems that every time Swampy wants to take a shower, his arch enemy Cranky, another alligator that lives in the sewer, messes up his water pipes. Your job when playing Where's My Water is to make sure that Swampy gets his bathwater so he can get all cleaned up!

A sample of how the puzzles in Where's My Water look.
A sample of how the puzzles in Where's My Water look.

Where's My Water is played by using your finger to dig away at dirt allowing to the water to shoot through pipes and make it to Swampy's shower. The game made it's debut in September 2011 in many Smart Phone app stores and quickly saw a rise in popularity gaining over 1 million downloads and even surpassing the incredibly popular Angry Birds app on Apple's Top Paid Apps and stayed on the top of the chart for 3 weeks. The game has also reached #1 on lists in over 30 other countries. Needless to say the game has been a huge success.

But will the fans line up to greet the ever so clean gator?

Swampy saw fame in the digital world, but will the fans be lining up to meet this squeaky clean gator in real life?
Swampy saw fame in the digital world, but will the fans be lining up to meet this squeaky clean gator in real life?

I know that I've played the free version of the game that is available and it is fun and highly addictive. I've also spoken with my three little cousins, two who are 8 and one who is 6, they love Swampy and even asked for a stuffed animal of him for Christmas. So Swampy does have a market out there. I know that I will go up for a picture with him if I see him wandering around.

One must not forget that Disney has tried putting video game characters out in parks before. We've seen Zora from Kingdom Hearts appear along with Donald and Goofy dressed in their attire from the game. More recently we saw the trial of the Club Penguin characters, a popular online game. Both of these meet and greets did end up failing dispite the large fanbase that both of these games have.

But who knows, Disney seems to have faith in Swampy, a new online mini-series will be released in 2012 called Where's My Water? The Adventures of Swampy. We've seen the popularity of online mini-series grow of the past couple of years due to the popularity of Youtube and it's about time Disney jumped on that band wagon. Merchandise featuring Swampy and Cranky are already in the works as well as merchandise featuring the recently introduced Ally, the desire of both Swampy and Cranky. So who knows, Disney may be pushing the Mickey Mouse of this generation. But who knows, I guess only time will tell on this one. I stand by the attempt at introducing a new character and hope for the best, maybe something good can come from this.

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