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Sweden Ice Hotel

Updated on August 26, 2011

Sweden Ice Hotel

Sweden's Ice Hotel is tucked amid the wintry tundra in the country's far north. The hotel offers, without a doubt, one of those 'once in a lifetime' experiences people who have been there never forget. The Ice Hotel puts a whole new spin on the term 'chilling out' as guests are surrounded by shimmering, blue and white icy creations which are a sight to behold.

Sweden's Ice Hotel is located in the frosty hills and plains of Lappland just above the Arctic Circle. It is truly a magical and unique place to visit. The swanky ice hotel is custom made each year in a different fashion and yes, it is cold and yes, you can spend the night in the hotel which is made entirely out of snow and ice. Guests sleep on large slabs of ice which are covered with reindeer skins. Each visitor is provided with a warm and cozy snowsuit and sleeping bag to ensure that they stay warm all night long as they sleep atop their frozen beds.

Guests to Sweden's Ice Hotel are also issued warm boots, ski masks and good quality gloves upon their arrival at Kiruna's airport because they are taken to the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi via dogsleds. Visitors can opt for a snowmobile ride to the hotel or make the trip in a shuttle van if dog-sledding is not an appealing thought. However, returning guests who have tried all modes of available transportation will be quick to recommend the dogsled adventure as it provides an experience that they will never forget. The dogsled ride takes just over an hour but at the half-way point, the ride stops so that guests can enjoy hot lingonberry juice and a reindeer meat sandwich on pita-like bread in front of a wooden fire.

Sweden's Ice hotel is perched on the banks of the Torne River in Jukkasjarvi and all of the ice used in the building of the hotel is harvested from the river. Guests are led into the hotel via a series of enchanting ice structures. The doors are covered in reindeer pelts and the door handles are made from the animals' antlers. The reception desk (as is everything else is) is made from beautiful, shimmering blue/white ice. The world famous Absolut Ice Bar is right off the main lobby and it too is made of ice including the dance floor and shot glasses. Nothing but the Swedish vodka is served in the frosty bar but there are a great many drinks to try.

Each bedroom inside the Ice Hotel features its own theme. The most affordable rooms are created from snow and each room is designed by an artist with the furnishings being sculpted from ice. For those warm blooded guests who visit, there are heated chalets available to rent which are charming and rustic in nature. The Ice Hotel does have a few creature comforts such as fully functional, heated showers and toilet facilities. Guests can even arrange to be married at the Ice Hotel inside the enchanting ice chapel.

It is not cheap to stay in the ice cold hotel as it costs between $290 and $370 per night to stay in the icy cold part of the hotel. The finest suites cost $890 per night. To stay in a heated chalet costs between $520 and $610 per night. Sweden's Ice Hotel is outlandish, wonderful, very unique and offers one of of those "I can't believe I am doing this" adventures that makes for truly memorable experiences and incredible photographs.

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      5 years ago

      Amazing. I really want to stay there one day, even if it is expensive.


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