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Syria and Turkey struggle in pointing fingers for 7 days and counting

Updated on February 21, 2016

Syria's foreign ministry called upon the UN saying Turkey was shelling Kurdish fighters in northern syria. The ministry sent two letters stating their concern. Damascus sent a letter to the "Turkish artillery shelling of Syrian territory constitutes direct support to the armed terrorist organisations,".

The shelling started february 13th and continued for days followed by heavy military units moving towards the border. The YPG has control of most of the Syrian-Turkish border. Turkey is now considering the PYD and the YPG militia branches of the PKK. The PKK is perceived by both the U.S. and EU as a "terrorist organisation".

"Despite Turkey's shelling, we are advancing and have captured the town's train station. We will retaliate if the shelling continues," Says Taj

Kurdsh of the Syrian democratic forces. He went on to say "Dozens of fighters from the al Nusra Front from and Ahrar al-Sham have been killed in the clashes, and until now,

heavy clashes are taking place,". On the 14th Tarek Abu Zeid spokesman for Jish Al-Thuwar a YPG ally said "We recently captured Menagh airbase, and we are close to capturing Tal Rifaat."

he went on saying "Our aim is to reach ISIL-controlled territories. "We want to fight this terrorist group. Turkey wants us to return to Afrin.

This won't happen. We are advancing, we won't retreat."

Two days later the UNSC met over Syria's claims of Turkey attacking Syria. Venezuelan Ambassador Rafael Ramirez who chairs the UNSC stated “UN Security Council members are concerned with the Turkish attacks on a number of Syrian regions,” and "All members of the Security Council ... agreed to ask for Turkey to comply with international law,"

When asked about possible shelling of hospitals and schools in syria he replied “Everybody is concerned about air strikes over humanitarian installations,”

The US state department's spokesperson Mark Toner on the 16th of febuary stated “I am aware of the reports… that they have struck the YPG affiliated forces,”

and “We have urged the YPG to avoid moves that will heighten tensions with Turkey. But at the same time we have also urged Turkey to cease any artillery… its artillery fire across the border.”

On the 18th of February A deadly car bomb was detonated in central Ankara which killed 28 people and wounded more than 60 people.

Deputy Prime minister Numan Kurtulmus stated “We do not yet know the perpetrators of this attack,” and “This attack did not only target our military personnel in those shuttles.”

After an investigation Turkish Prime minister Davutoglu stated "In light of information we have obtained, it has been clearly identified that this attack was carried out by the members of a terrorist organization inside Turkey,

together with a YPG member individual who had crossed from Syria,"

Chief Salih Muhammad of the Kurdish Democratic union (PYD) stated “This is absolutely not true. Kurds have nothing to do with what happened in Ankara. What happened there is related to Turkey's fight with Islamic State,

whose members live in Turkey.”

He also denied claims of a YPG wing firing into tukey saying "I can assure you that not even one bullet is fired by the YPG into Turkey,"

Davutoglu claims to have evidence revealing the origin of the militants and how their organization occurred. He said he would share it with other countries

First responders arrive at Turkey bombming
First responders arrive at Turkey bombming | Source


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