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Syzygium Cumini or Jamun in Ahwa-Dangs

Updated on July 1, 2015

Syzygium Cumini

Also Known As: Jamun, India Blackberry

Where it is found?

It is found in the forest of Ahwa-Dangs (and Indian subcontinents)


  • Resembles large berries
  • It grows in dense foliage
  • The fruits are seen during the months of June-Jully


The fruit has a combination of mildly sour, sweet and astringent flour.

Usage and Benefits

  • The pulp of the fruit and seeds can reduce the level of blood glucose.
  • The seeds are used in healing systems (to control diabetes, and for digestive ailments)
  • Its leaves and bark are used for controlling blood pressure.

For More Information...

You can visit to get to know more about Syzygium Cumini


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