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Taj Mahal, the most magnificent memorial ever created by a man in memory of his lover

Updated on October 31, 2013

Taj Mahal is one of the most beautiful monument in the world. It become UNESCO World heritage Site in 1983. This memorial is located in Agra, India. It is the most magnificent memorial ever created by a man in memory of his lover. Taj Mahal is built by Shah Jahan, the emperor of India (Mugal Dynasty). It is a memorial to his wife Arjumand Bano Begum (Muntaz Mahal). She was daughter of the prime minister of the court ‘Khwaja Abdul Hassan’ and who was also the real brother of Noor Jahan, mother of Shah Jahan. Mumtaz Mahal born on 06th April 1593. She was a Persian by blood and very beautiful like Noor Jahan. Noor Jahan liked her very much from child hood. When they became young, prince Khurram (The emperor Sha Jahan) and Mumtaz Mahal start loving each other. They were inseparable lovers

Mumtaz Mahal was an inseparable companion of Shah Jahan. Soon after her 14th delivery Mumtaz Mahal fell seriously ill, at the time of her death, she expressed her last wish to the emperor Shah Jahan that he will build a beautiful monument over her grave as a token of their love. she transferred the responsibility of the care of Shah Jahan to her elder daughter Jahan Ara before she die on 7th June 1631. The mortal remains of Mumtaz Mahal buried temporary at Zainabad on the same day. But the emperor visits the grave on every Friday and shed tears on the tomb. He did fathia prayers and distributed food and cloths for the poor, for heavenly peace of the departed soul of his beloved. The emperor could not bear the loss of his dear wife and his health began to declined.

On 01 December 1631 the mortal remains of Mumtaz Mahal unearthed and send to Agra, the capital of Mugal India. All along the journey the emperor distributed food and cloths to the poor. The mortal remains reached Agra on 29 December 1631 and was again buried temporary on the banks of river Jamuna. On the same day the emperor announced to the public that a memorial to be built for his dear wife and invited designs from the famous architects of the world. They received so many designs but ultimately the model suggested by Ustad Isa Afandi of Turkey was selected.

The construction started in the month of December 1631 and it finished in the year 1648. The building materials brought from various parts of the world. The white marble was brought from Nagur district of Rajastan, the red stone from Dholpur, The yellow stones from Narbads and Black marble from Charkoh. besides of all these building materials some items were brought from far off lands. The construction works of Taj Mahal finished in 1648 and finally the mortal remains of Mutaz Mahal buried inside the main building. According to local legends Shah Jahan cut off the hands of Ustad Isa Afandi, the architect of Taj Mahal and his main workers soon after completion of the memorial that no one would ever be able to build up such a marvelous monument once again.

Shah Jahan's last days were very tragic, There was a terrible war among his four sons for the kingdom. His third son Aurangzeb killed his brothers and declared himself emperor in 1658. Aurangzeb imprisoned his father Shah Jahn in the Agra Fort. Shah Jahan spent his last days by watching the Taj Mahal from the octagonal tower of Agra fort. His elder daughter, Jahan Ara Begum, stayed with him in prison until his death.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      wonderful moment,when see Thajmahal

    • pramod cherakkara profile imageAUTHOR

      PRAMOD C 

      5 years ago from WAYANAD

      Thanks Iammattdoran, Actually it is a small introduction about Taj Mahal, Thanks for your valuable comment.

    • Iammattdoran profile image

      Matt Doran 

      5 years ago from Manchester, UK

      Great hub, Pramod! I visited last year and was blown away by how amazing it is!


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