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Temples Of Orissa

Updated on March 17, 2015


Talking about temples, Orissa has some of the best temples in India. The temples are well-known for its architectural wonders. There are so many wonderful temples to visit in Orissa and almost all of them have some legend behind them. The beautiful hand works done years ago are pleasure to watch. If you need a break from your daily activities and want to experience some peace, then, here are few temples of Orissa you must visit and explore the rich culture.

Jagannath Temple (Puri) : Jagannath temple is the most famous temple at Puri in Orissa. It is located at the eastern coast of India. Like I said before every temple have some kind of legend behind it. It is said that in Krita Yuga, the original idol of Lord Jagannath had the power of granting “moksha” (emancipation) to anyone who witnessed it. According to legend Yamaraja (lord of death) didn’t find justice in it. So he hid the image of lord Jagannath in some unknown corner of the earth so that nobody could see it. However, it is said that the idol that is worshipped today is built by Lord Vishnu sometime in Dvapar Yuga. He has built it with wooden logs with hands lacking. But the power of lord Jagannath remains same in spite of hands lacking. Lord Jagannath’s idol is accompanied by Balabhadra and goddess subhadra. The best time to visit Jagannath temple is during “rath yatra” (Chariot festival) in the month of June or July.

Konark Sun Temple: This temple is said to be built in 13th century by King Narasimhadeva. It is designed in the shape of colossal chariot with seven horses and twelve wheels carrying the Sun God across the heaven. The name of the temple is the amalgamation of two words, Kona meaning corner and Arka meaning Sun. The wheels of the temple are sundials which can be used to calculate the time accurately to a minute including day and night. It is about 35 kms from the seat of lord Jagannath, Puri. You cannot turn your eyes off this temple for its marvelous architecture. So this temple should be on your visit list when you visit Orissa.

Parasurameswar Temple: One of the oldest temples, built in the 7th century, Parasurameswar Temple is small but beautifully decorated. It is said that Parasurameswar was built by Sailobhavas who has Shiva as their family deity. Parasurameswar represents Shiva as the lord of Parsuram, one of the Vishnu’s avatars. There is the earliest representation of six armed Mahisamardini Durga image on the tower of the temple. The fine artistic sculpture carved on the temple describes the artistic talent of the 7th century. The floral designs on wall of the temple are one of the masterpieces to watch.

Besides these, there are many temples such as Mukteswar temple, Brahmeshwar temple, Rajarani temple etc. whose artistic works are worth watching and will leave you speechless.

It is a place to relax, you will find yourself in peace when you visit these places. The artistic work done so minutely thousands of years ago will leave you speechless. I am sure once you visit these places, you will not be disappointed for putting it on your visiting list.

Happy Travelling..

Jagannath, Subhadra, Balabhadra in Jagannath temple Puri
Jagannath, Subhadra, Balabhadra in Jagannath temple Puri
Konark Sun Temple
Konark Sun Temple
Parasurameswar Temple
Parasurameswar Temple


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