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Updated on December 16, 2009

Instead of taking my vacation to sandy beach of Boracay, I opted to spend my time going to the forest. I went there to relax from the pressure of my work. I know the danger going there but the urge of seeing the beauty of the forest overruled my fear. It will be my greatest experience walking 16 kilometers from the highway going down to the logging concession. With my pack and enough provision I started walking.

Following the dusty road, in my left side, I can see the twin mountains looking at me, undisturbed for many years not until logging is slowly creeping in their doorstep. It is a dry season when I went there, the threat of rain is not of my worries.

Reaching a small village of the Manobo tribe, I introduced myself. They are friendly and civilized. They let me live with them during my stay. Most of their food are cassava, sweet potato, bananas, pineapple and corn.

At night, we do the talking near the bonfire exchanging stories to ease our boredom. The next day, they let me accompany them during the hunting. They hunted birds, monkeys and wild pigs. They are a very simple people and experience hunters.

I take the opportunity to see the forest wonders, orchid flowers, gigantic trees sprouting hundred meters from the ground with different colors in their leaves. During the fruiting season, natives have their additional main course of eating edible fruits. I tried and its good.

They told me what to expect inside the forest, wild animals, poisonous snakes, poison fruits of trees and vines and traps for the animals. They knew everything what to expect and what to avoid. We do extra careful in our movements.

They brought me to a waterfall hundred meters from the top to the ground level showing a rainbow-like view as hit by the early morning sunlight. Its very beautiful seeing the waters cascading down to the river. The mist is very cold but relaxing.

We descended to the river's edge, the crystal clear water is very fresh and you can drink it. At the side of the mountains, flowers of the trees covering his entire canopy with colors.

During my 3-days stay there, I learned many things, the life of the tribes, their way of making food, their expertise in hunting, the panoramic views of the mountains, flowers everywhere, the crystal clear waters, the risk and the wonders all in one.

I went home full of hope that the forest will continue undisturbed for another hundred years. But I doubt if they can live that long. Civilization started having a part in the forest. I hope there still trees left for our children to see in the future.


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    • 2uesday profile image

      2uesday 8 years ago

      I hope the forests will be there for future generations it is awful to think that they may be destroyed. Forest and trees are of vital importance to our lives. I hope that all the destruction of this vital resource will end soon and that the home of the people you visited will be safe.