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Updated on August 21, 2011

In Bangladesh has a lot of historical events. Paharpur Bihar is one of them. In 9th century some fouriner king with the king Koiborto would try to remove the history which was come back in 12th century with the King of Sen generation is the memory or history of "SOMPUR BIHAR" , attarking by King Pal generation. In Sen generation, some Bangla soilder were burn the Sompur Bihar . Then this Sompur Bihar was as only a dust. After a long time, this Bihar will be as like as a mountain . In 1923-1934 , English soilder are recovary this as a historical place . After this "SOMPUR BIHAR" is khown as "PAHARPUR BIHAR" which is one of the hestorical place of the world. this is 922 feet on North-south side and 919 feet on East-west and the main path of this bihar is on the middle with decorated by various kind of art. In 1982, In deep about 16 feet 13.6 inch, some important toys , metal coin are founded which are indicated this bihar as an important place. In this bihar has 177 room. It indicats that once upon a time Boidhest thakur are lived in this place. There are also have some small temple, kitchen, daining room etc. The main temple is grown by step by step. In every step, there are decorated by various kind of art of various things. BUt some of them are stolen. In 2000, some step was taken to protect and recovary of that art. Bangladesh government was established a musiam here. So anyone can visit this historical place. But There are no facilies to stay at night but have some hotel only for eating. If anyone want to visit there, you stay 30km far at Nouga. you can also go from Bogra and Joypurhat.


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    • profile image

      arwaa 4 years ago

      can u just do something to trnslate into bengali .pls

    • SKBAKSHI profile image

      SKBAKSHI 4 years ago from 513, Ibrahimpur , Mirpur 14 , Dhaka-1206, Bangladesh

      thnxs for Your advice .

    • profile image

      Neel 5 years ago

      Please try to improve the language