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The Ultimate Bucket List: Places You Shouldn't Miss

Updated on October 23, 2017
ISHEE SAWDIA profile image

With an insatiable passion to travel, I write about dream-journeys now, which hopefully will turn into my odyssey logs someday.

When asked to name a place they would love to travel, I wonder why people's answer never surprises me. It's like I somehow know what they are going to say. It is always the same, predictable places; few to name being Switzerland Paris Italy.... Someone would point out, "What's wrong with Switzerland or Italy?" I mean obviously, there is nothing wrong with those but come on, don't you wanna do something different from what everyone does, don't you wanna have amazing travel stories which won't be almost similar to that of your interlocutor's. If you, a true globetrotter, are looking for an out of the world experience in this world, then here is the list (what I like to call the ultimate bucket list) of travel spots you must consider:

7: Black Caddis Ranch B & B in Kellettville, Pennsylvania

As a kid, I used to chase fireflies and try to capture them in a glass jar with a hole on the lid. I guess everyone did that, right? Those moments were just magical. To see them flutter by became the most fascinating and the most captivating task. So imagine, instead of a few, thousands of fireflies (over 15 different species) covering a field. Yes, you can witness this in Pennsylvania where they celebrate the Firefly Festival. Why delay, experience this around 23rd June 2018 in PA.

6: TILT - 360 Chicago

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Then TILT! Chicago is definitely something you must try. Trending now, a one-of-a-kind experience letting you tilt outward from the observatory on the 94th floor of the John Hancock building. With a forward tilting glass at 30 degrees, view the city from over 1000 feet up. Click a pic of the city like never befire. If you are afraid of heights, this could be your chance to say goodbye to that fear for once and for all or you could just stay away but you will never know what you will be missing on!

5: Northern Lights, ICELAND

Star gazing has become so common these days. What would be awesome is a colourful sky. So, go visit Iceland with your special someone. At midnight, stand under the open sky, hand-in-hand, looking up the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), staring as vibrant curtains of colours dance across the dark sky.

4: LA TOMATINA, Buñol, Spain

Heard of it already? I know it's not so uncommon but nothing can be more satisfying than throwing tomatoes at your friends or even at strangers, because hey, nobody minds! Gather your clan, head down to Spain and all you gotta do is SQUASH. SHOOT. SCORE! Your gang can have the fun of their life, sliding down water, sorry, tomato-juice slides, jumping in a truck loaded with tomatoes and obviously dancing to the beats.

3: Tasmania's Preservation Bay, AUSTRALIA

Anywhere you touch will light up. You throw a stone, it creates a ripple but it's no ordinary ripple rather it has glowing rings for waves. Cool! You can literally make shapes on the water surface. The bright blue glow of water, caused by billions of bio-luminescent plankton (commonly known as sea sparkle), will no doubt mesmerize you but I wouldn't advise you to go for a swim.

2: Waitomo Glowworm Cave, NEW ZEALAND

The name itself says it all. So what if you can't swim in that bio-luminescent water, here's a place you will love just as much. Take a boat ride under thousands of magical glowworms, Arachnocampa Luminosa ( The vivid luminescent light from these tiny creatures makes the ceiling of the cave come alive, creating a sky of living lights.

1: AURORA ICE MUSEUM, Fairbanks, Alaska

This one's my favorite. A museum of ice sculptures, not just ice sculptures but ice everything and by everything I mean every single thing. From ice crystal chandeliers to ice fireplace, from gigantic ice chess set to Arctic-themed ice beds; everything is hand carved from ice. In fact, the ice bar serves drinks in an ice carved Martini glass. The cherry on the top is that you can visit anytime you like because this museum is open year round. But be sure to dress in layers to enjoy the chill of -7°Celsius in the museum. As if it wasn't enough, there's more. You can warm up outside in the HOT SPRINGS!

© 2017 Ishee Sawdia


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    • ISHEE SAWDIA profile image

      Ishee Sawdia 2 months ago

      Thank you! So, do you see yourself attending the firefly festival next year? Hope you do :)

    • datesinthestates profile image

      Crystal Rock 2 months ago from Rochester, NY

      These places you've listed are all spectacular ideas. I can't believe I lived in PA and never heard of the firefly festival!!

      You should really add Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend in Page, AZ to this list. They are amazing places.