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Kerala Tourism: Must See Tourist Places and Attractions

Updated on April 22, 2017

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The Wonder That is Kerala, India

Kerala, a southern state of India, is one of the wonders of the world. The National Geographic Traveler has named it as one of the ten paradises of the world. It is also called as God's Own Country. Kerala has coastline of 540 km, 44 enchanting rivers, a number of appealing backwaters and around 25% of geographical area as forest. It is renowned for beaches, hill stations, backwater cruise in house boats, monsoon tourism, Pooram festivals, Onam celebrations, famous arts forms like Kathakali and Koodiyattom, martial arts like Kalaripayattu and much more.

Kerala has well developed social , economic , and cultural infrastructure. It has three international airports which connect with almost all of the national capitals and important places, and well developed rail and road net work. It is reported as fully literate state with all social as well as health indicators that can match with that of the developed countries of the world and majority of the people of Kerala are able to use English.

Kovalam Beach
Kovalam Beach | Source

Land of Pristine Natural Beauty

Kerala has a number beautiful and appealing water falls, beaches, wild life sanctuaries, hill stations, historical monuments, exquisite flora and fauna, soul stirring resting places, and Ayurvedic treatment centers.

Kathakali | Source

Land of Classical and Folk arts

A number of classical and folk arts have been originated In Kerala. Kathakali - world famous dance drama, Koodiyattom- theatrical art of 2000 years old, Mohiniyattam, Ottan Thullal, Padakam are some of the famous classical art forms. Kaikottikali, Margam kali, Kuthiyattam, bhootham thullal, patayani, Thiyyattu, Velakali, Kolkali, Dappukali, and Kothamoori are some of the fascinating folk arts of Kerala.

Thrissur Pooram
Thrissur Pooram | Source

Pooram Festival

Pooram festivals in the months of April and May, are spectacular and thrilling celebration of Kerala. Though it is a Hindu religious festival, it is open to all. Traditional musical ensembles like Panchavadyam and the Pandimelam are part of the festivals. Classical, religious and folk arts performances are also conducted. Thoolpavakooth, a type of shadow puppetry, is also performed during pooram festivals.


The Richest Temple in the World

The richest temple in the world is in Kerala is the Sri Padmanabha Swamy Temple, a Hindu religious place of worship, at Thiruvananthapuram. The temple was constructed by the Travancore kings many centuries ago. The kings of Travancore ruled their kingdom in the name of God Sri Padmanabha, an incarnation of God Vishnu. Recently a treasure has been unearthed in the temple. The initial estimate of the value of the assets in 2011 was Rs 90000 Crore (around US$22.3 billion).

Sabarimala | Source

The Place of Worship in Which the Largest Number of Pilgrims Visit in a Season

The temple in which the largest number of pilgrims visit in a festival season is the Sabarimala temple in Pathanamthitta district of Kerala. It is a renowned place of worship of Hindus. Millions of people reach in Sabarimala in the the pilgrimage season.

Theyyam | Source

Fairs and Festivals

Kerala is a land of fairs and festivals. Pooram, Nercha, Onam, Vishu, Thiruvathira, Deepavali, Pulikkali, Elephant pageants, Malayattoor perunal, Manarcad Perunal, Pattambi Nercha, Pongal, boat races and shopping festivals are only few of the colourful and enthralling festivals.

Boat Races

Magnificent snake boats (Chundan vallams) compete for the top position in the enchanting rivers and backwaters. Extravagant water pageant with floats, decorated boats, folk arts performance and rhythmic folk songs are the main attractions of it. The important boat races are Nehru Trophy Boat Race, Aranmula Boat Race which is held during Onam season,Champakulam Boat Race and Payipad Boat Race.

Pulikkali_ | Source

Onam Festival

Onam is the most important festival of Kerala. Onam is associated with the mythical golden rule of Kerala by the king Mahabali. It is a ten day long festival of flowers and colours. Floral designs at the entrance of the houses, Thumbi thullal, Kaikottikali, Thalapanthukali, Onathallu, and boat races are the part of this harvest festival.

Land of Pilgrimage.

Kerala is a great place where all the major religions of the world have followers from the very earlier period. There are a number of pilgrimage centers and places of worship of Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Jew, and Buddhists in Kerala. A large number of People are coming to Kerala for pilgrimage from other countries.


Top Users of Open Source Operating System in School Education

Kerala is a place where the largest number of students learning ICT with open source operating system. IT@School program of Kerala under the department of education provides ICT enabled education to 1.6 million students per year. It endeavors to enhance the intellectual productivity of teachers and the curricular comprehension of students using Linux based operating systems


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  • sunilkunnoth2012 profile image

    Sunil Kumar Kunnoth 4 years ago from Calicut (Kozhikode, South India)

    You have done it well. Your efforts are so fine and will boost our state's tourism potentiality. Thank you for sharing.

  • creativeaqua profile image

    Yorja Rahmani 4 years ago from India

    Kerela is certainly a heaven!

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    Sanjay Sharma 4 years ago from Mandi (HP) India

    Very beautiful, informative and colourful hub.voted up.