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Updated on April 5, 2011

The key in quantum physics. Possible applications for computers of the future. It approaches the oldest dream, "time travel possible"

A new theory predicts the 'teleport' back to the original condition of particles

The new time travel affect the minds of scientists seeking, particularly through the new physics, the answers, at least theoretical means. To intrigue more, in some respects, appear to be the bounds of the past, perhaps seduced by Mark Twain that he wanted to make a trip to the Middle Ages with his An American in the court of King Arthur. For researchers, in this case, however, is not a void, albeit fascinating exercise in imagination. Seth Lloyd of MIT in Boston at the head of an international group of scholars which also includes two Italian has shown a proper explanation as sophisticated, but in fact a journey back in time would be addressed.

Compared to many other theoretical attempts made so far

Professor adds more credibility because it makes use of an 'effect' first ignored. Let's see how. He begins with the transporter, the most well-known thanks to Star Trek where people are transferred from one place to another instantly (in the laboratory, however, some have already been teleported photon) and by quantum mechanics. But the trick is to trigger the 'effect of the suffix "of that time, is a different way of playing cards available. Thanks to it, only the particles that were found could be teleported back in original condition, thus making a trip back in time as well.

The appeal to the strange "effect" allows scientists to enter some advantages as the scene without running into serious problems raised by time travel so far assumed related to the theory of relativity. In this case, required a much more difficult is the deformation space of time. Secondly, around a very famous paradox known as the "grandfather paradox" in which one imagines go back in time and kill his grandfather and what, exactly, is paradoxical because it would prevent the birth of the murderer.

But the new theoretical effort aimed to imagine a time machine hidden in fact add value and perhaps even more fascinating is that the great challenge for decades, at least since the time of Einstein, the physical torture. It is the dream of uniting with the laws of quantum mechanics and relativity to get the coveted "theory of everything ', ie a single, simple, universal law that unifies all the other simplifying the description of the world.

In addition to the exciting frontiers of knowledge is also a more practical purpose. The effect of post-selection used by Professor is the basis of research on quantum computer that you begin to see some possibilities on the horizon and when that will materialize again upset our lives. Similar information perspective, of course, was not treated in time machine that Wells wrote in 1895 for travel in the future will bring us up to the year 802,701. But paradoxically, if the 'effect post-selection "of Professor worked really open both doors, those of the past and the future. It's enough, meanwhile, to run the imagination


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    • Mentalist acer profile image

      Mentalist acer 7 years ago from A Voice in your Mind!

      I'd love to travel at the speed of light and watch time stand still.;)