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If you could holiday in any hotel in the world which one would you choose?

Updated on June 11, 2012

We have all been on holidays that were wonderful and those that were a disaster, in this Hub I show you my 3 top hotels of all time. I am very picky about the hotels that I stay in, that doesn't mean that they have to be luxurious but in my books it helps. My most important thing in a hotel room? A comfortable bed and I have to say that not a lot of these beds are soft enough for me, although occasionally, very occasionally I am pleasantly surprised. I have stayed in little bed and breakfasts, luxurious hotels, a campervan in the outback, and a treehouse (albeit a luxurious one) in deepest Africa. I love staying in hotels, I once had a job that meant I stayed in lots of hotels for a whole year while doing a national dealership conference training tour to some people that would have been hell, me? I loved it.

Out of the top three hotels I've picked I have actually been very fortunate enough to have spent some time there and it excelled every expectation that I had. I would love to know about your favourite hotels, whether or not you have stayed in them and why I should add them to my list.


The Atlantis Palm Hotel at Palm Jumeirah is number one on my list of hotels that I want to go and stay in. Here you will find everything that you ever wanted in a hotel and all to the very highest possible standards. On the grounds you will also find a magnificent Marine & Waterpark known as Dolphin Bay, one of my favourites is bound to be The Lost Chambers which is a reconstruction of Atlantis that you can walk around, all of which is beneath and surrounded by the sea, take a look for yourself at the link below which provides you with a Virtual Tour of the Lost Chambers.

There are many types of rooms and suites available and although I'm sure that each and every room in this hotel is of the highest standard it is the Atlantis Suites that I want to stay in, as you can see from the picture below they are built into the reef underneath the hotel and give you this truly unique spectacular ever-changing view.

Perhaps it's the fact that astrologically I'm a water sign but I love to be near and around water and the fact that the seabed is your window on the world I'm not sure I would get any sleep because I would be far too interested in what is happening on the other side of this enormous wall of glass. I have never wanted to go in a submarine but always wanted to see firsthand what those that do get to catch a glimpse of, in this room I would definitely have the best of both worlds.


Ulusaba Private Game Reserve

I absolutely adore Africa and so this has to be one of my all-time favourite places to go and stay. It is owned by Sir Richard Branson and consists of three luxurious lodges built into a rockface overlooking the Sabi Sand Game Reserve lying along the border of the Kruger National Park. The luxury and solitude that this glorious hotel has to offer its guests is in my eyes unsurpassable and I can only yearn to be one of it's pampered guests and to be entertained by all the wildlife that Africa has to offer at such close quarters.

Ulusuba has it's own private airstrip and is a short 1 hour 20 minute flight from Johannesburg International Airport or if small planes aren't your bag and you'd rather be in the midst of all the wildlife with your feet on the ground then count on a 2 and a half hour journey by road.


Victoria Falls Hotel

This is the fabulous Victoria Falls Hotel, and it is exactly that, fabulous, having stayed there for two weeks I can tell you that the staff are welcoming, courteous and will ensure that your stay is wonderful. There are African dancers and drummers at night and a calypso band near the swimming pool all day, the food is truly superb as are the grounds that abound with monkeys and huge fat bullfrogs in the early evening making such a sensational sound.

Victoria Falls itself can be reached by a short walk through the grounds of the hotel and if you want a memory that will last a lifetime I suggest you do what I did each morning; before anyone else (apart from the staff) are awake, get up and get dressed, and then walk slowly through the grounds heading towards the Falls, at this time the torturous sun is gentle and the overhead trees dapple the area, as you walk you will find that you will collect along the way 20 to 30 mongoose and they will run alongside you chattering until you reach the thundering water.

This spectacle is definitely something you need to go and see for yourself, every day that I was there I went to the Falls it is mesmerising, and even at it's lowest water level it is still a site that has to be experienced. You will feel the rumble of the water in your chest and under your feet long before you actually catch a glimpse of this African Wonder.



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