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Updated on July 14, 2010
dubai is hot and ugly
dubai is hot and ugly


Nowadays a huge traffic is going towards middle-east especially DUBAI.Dubai is in focus now a days especially in developing countries like india,pakistan,Bangladesh etc .but ,Dubai is not that much wonderful as many of you believe and there are various reasons why one should not visit Dubai.


The climate of Dubai is extremely hot and living in Dubai is not that much easy as many of you believe.people in Dubai live in apartments which are centerally airconditioned.if you want to go out for an outing you have to wait till late evening as climate outside your home will be hot enough and even at night Dubai remains hot .life is very tough with such climate as a person is bound to remain in home till late evening .every place in Dubai is fully airconditioned and living in fully air-conditioned atmosphere all the time is not good for health,it creates health problems laters.


Dubai is very expensive country .if you go to different shopping centers and survey then you will realize that shopping clothes is very expensive.clothes in Dubai are imported from various developing countries like India,Pakistan ,Bangladesh etc.a family living in Dubai even can't afford a maid for various house tasks as maids are very expensive and they charge per hour for their services and their per hour charges are very costly.people living in Dubai can't afford education especially higher education for their children as education in Dubai is very expensive and one has to work very hard in order to increase their earnings and pay for their children education.transportation is also very expensive.if you want to go somewhere through a cab then you have to pay a high price for it.


Labor is very cheap in Dubai. The government encourages businesses to hire people from poor countries  at very low cost.poor people are given a little pay for their hard work but, the companies neglect to tell them that they will deduct money for their living leaving them with very little money which leave them hand to mouth in the end. Protesting is illegal in Dubai when people protest at this they are bound to be jailed.


Dubai is all cemented with no natural beauty.all the beauty is artificial and fake.Dubai beauty is maintained through a lot of efforts and is all fake. If you are a person who admires natural beauty and looks for beautiful landscapes and mountains then Dubai is not a place for you. The only natural beauty Dubai has is its coastline.


Dubai is now full with traffic.a great majority of people are moving from developing countries towards Dubai creating unemployment people find difficulty in getting jobs as now the competition is tough.there are no more jobs especially in IT fields due to high traffic of IT professionals from developing countries.

people who are going to Dubai for settlement their face great difficulties as life in Dubai is not easy especially because jobs are not easily available in Dubai and one face great difficulty in earning money to fulfill his family needs


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    • profile image

      zee 3 years ago

      if you don't like Dubai please you are not forced to come here and people like your are never welcome

    • profile image

      Markus 4 years ago

      There us nothing like that you are saying. Yes I accept that climate of Dubai is hot and the good time to visit is between October to April. I hope you are aware about the value of Dubai's currency. It has a significant great value if you take it to developing country India as you said. Dubai is one of the most emerging cities in the world and you will be surprised to know that 20 percent crains of the world are working in Dubai that's why much labor needed here.

    • profile image

      I like it there 4 years ago

      Don't try and put people off Get a life LOsers

    • profile image

      Kill yourself. 4 years ago

      ^If you like Dubai and already live in it then why the hell are you on this page?Listen this is not directed to you,It is directed to people moving to Dubai.I suggest you remove that comment before you are bombarded by people who actually know what they are talking about.

    • suhanaasif profile image

      suhanaasif 7 years ago