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Tourist Survival Guide in Africa

Updated on February 29, 2016

Tourists’ survival guide in Africa

There comes a time when the spirit of adventure takes over and you want to explore new surroundings such as Africa and beyond. You start saving or setting aside a certain period of time to travel to a new destination after a tough period of hard work. For some their job involves traveling to new exotic places experiencing new cultures along the here is a simple helpful guide so that you can enjoy what Africa has to offer staying all the more safer.

  1. Avoid walking at night (especially when alone): its best carry out all your activities and sightseeing during the day. When the night sets in the atmosphere changes becoming more exciting but also the more dangerous. Some streets become crime prone increasing the odds of being robbed or worse. Your life is more important and putting yourself in an unbalanced situation that can go either way is just being foolish unless you are a trill have more to lose from a robbery than just your belongings so stay safe.

  2. Walk in groups: carry out your activities with friends or someone you trust. The company will be advantageous if they know the area like the back of their hand. If the group is new to the place you all become less of a target for there is safety in numbers.

  3. Avoid deserted streets: when you find yourself moving slowly into a deserted part of the area,do not be afraid to turn back and find another route to your destination. You may never know what have happened before you came in and it’s safer just to stick near a crowd of people or a busy street unless its the only path to your destination which is very rare.

  4. Be picky on where you eat: it’s only natural if not necessary to sample some of the delicious cuisines in Africa but before you do so tame your hunger and find a hygienic place where you feel at ease when dinning. Places where you observe a continuous flow of customers. For people flock for the very best and avoid any places that seem deserted. There may be a shortage of customers but if your feel uncomfortable there move to a place of your liking. Also being keen helps you prevent several food borne diseases so before you dig in take note of the place where the food is being served and sold.

  5. Survey the areas you’ll visit beforehand: you can research on the place you are visiting online or asking beforehand will be helpful in advance. You might be lost but the knowledge you sought will be an added advantage to will even lower the risk of getting lost enabling you to have fantastic experience.

  6. Know the local currency well and negotiate: it wouldn’t hurt to spend time knowing how strong the currency is compared to your country so that you can avoid spending surplus money for cheap commodities.most locals may prey on your ignorance hence its best to have the extra edge.when you are buying things ranging from clothes,jewels,carvings and many others in an open air market don't shy away from bargaining for a lower'll get a quality product within the price range your comfortable with.

  7. Have a trustworthy guide: you may have a good sense of direction or be confident in your own abilities when it comes to finding your own way but it never hurts to have a guide. It’s an added advantage for he knows the every corner of the local area and also enrich your experience beyond expectations.

  8. Always be aware of your surroundings: you may be here to relax and enjoy what Africa has to offer but never let you guard down. Not everyone has your best interests at heart so don’t feel guilt for being too suspicious with the people who come your way. From con-men to innocent looking thieves they see you as an opportunity to enrich themselves. If need be identify an security personnel so that they may guide you if lost or when you see a potentially dangerous scenario from far stay away from it.

    So enjoy you vacation being all the more safer as you have fun, explore and experience new cultures in Africa.

    Till next time… M.P.K

vacation time
vacation time

© 2016 Mark Peter


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