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Updated on May 18, 2014


Photo by  a great source site recommend for research on Antarctica.and to view photos and video footage.
Photo by a great source site recommend for research on Antarctica.and to view photos and video footage. | Source



This southern most continent has the ultimate scenery to make your holiday a unique and memorable experience.Antarctica being the 5th largest continent covered in ice and separated by the Southern ocean. offers a holiday package to the extremes of the earth .This holiday will take you to another world where you will experience mountains of ice and glaciers with spectacular patterns carved out from the power of antarctic winds.sea Ice bergs appear to rise up from the ocean floor as they break off from the main Ice sheet and move through the sea.currents.For a holiday this scenery is like no other. With its ice forms and vast landscape and amazing wildlife.


You will probably wonder how so many animals could adapt to live in such a cold and harsh environment.surprisingly this Land of Ice and freezing temperatures is teaming with plant and animal life all comfortably adapted to temperatures which plunge to -70c in the coldest Months and down to -35c during the warmer times of the year.Have your camera ready as you will see Whales including the the largest on earth being the Blue whale that feeds and travels down the edge of the Ice during the summer months.Many species of whale travel down the Ice shelf including the Killer Whale with its striking black and white Velvet like colouring.Seals can be seen frolicking on the shores and playing in the Freezing waters,While Penguins allow you to stroll amongst them and entertain you with their unique character.ANTARCTICA has many animals and birds and this truly rare travel experience will impact your life in so many ways.


Prepare to bring back the holiday shots of a lifetime.Make sure you are armed with the best equipment as the footage of this travel experience will be the mirror to a fantastic journey and your friends will be blown away buy your antarctic album.If you are considering a trip to Antarctica then you are a nature lover and you will love the force of the landscape and the interactive nature of the wildlife.This powerful landscape, climate and wildlife combination makes for unbelievable photography.

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There are some great packages available designed for the ultimate travel experience and your comfort in mind.

To check out travel packages and more on Antarctica click Here


There are no Polar bears in Antarctica.

Antarctica is a rocky land mass which is approx 7 Million Sq KM in size yet made a lot larger by the thick layer of Ice covering it.(approx 14 million sq km's)

90% of the worlds fresh water is locked into the icecap.

The lowest temp on earth was recorded in July 1983 Where? you guessed it Antarctica.The temp on that day was -89.6c(-129.3F)


To me Antarctica's history is like no other.Brave men, ships and equipment were no match for the frozen continent and many lives were lost.Yet by shear bravery and persistance many fought against the odds to survive.

The race was on for the South Pole and good men lost their lives trying to reach it.

ROALD AMUNDSEN (born in Norway in1872)Won the race and reached the pole on 14th Dec 1911.

ROBERT SCOTT Reached the pole only a month later having taken a different route, but sadly they did not survive the return journey.

The less praised past of Antarctica is the whaling and sealing.-This is also rich with history and some of the ruins from the hash existence these men lived are still visible today.

I have to say the history of man in Antarctica is extensive and makes for colourful reading and even if you don,t wish to make this great continent your travel destination There are many good Books written on antarctic history well worth the read.


For a Holiday To Remember

If you love nature and natural beauty then Antarctica as a Travel destination is certainly worth considering.


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