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Taking a Vacation

Updated on April 6, 2013

Do you work with a company in which you are allowed to accumulate vacation hours? Have you accumulated so many vacation hours that you can afford to take a week or two off? So many of us work and work that sometimes we don't think about taking a vacation with the family and that includes during the summer.

There are some companies that only allow you to accumulate so many vacation hours before you have to start using them and if you don't start using those hours they start to take them away little by little. I happen to work for a company like that, we can only reach up to four hundred hours of vacation and if we don't use it they start to take it away. I don't know how many other companies do that but I think that it is good because say we don't use our vacation hours and were have to reach use up the hours that we went over, we are able to get a few days off.

Sometimes we focus on work most of the time that we forget that we need some time to ourselves even if it is just staying at home for a few days with our family. There are times when we don't have the funds to go out of town and we just stick with having fun in our home town and finding things to do with our family. Just being able to relax and rest for a few days from work can make us a better worker when we head back to our work places. We will not have as much stress because sometimes work can be stressful on our bodies.

It feels good to know that we can always get a vacation from work. We just have to be able to use them when we feel that we need to. Just to be able to get a week or two off is probably something that we all need once in a while. Do you take a vacation often?


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