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Tandem Kayaks in the market: More Means

Updated on June 22, 2016

Tandem Kayaks in the market: More Means Good

Tandem kayaks are basically kayaks that can accommodate 2 or more people in the seating area. Most people know Tandem Kayaks to be challenging to operate as it needs both the riders’ synchronized operation. It is not mostly the case. The market is full of a variety of Tandem Kayaks suiting the needs of every kind of riders. Here we have listed few popular tandem kayaks in the market serving different kind of kayakers.

Lifetime 10 Foot Manta Tandem Kayak
This 10 feet long tandem kayak by Lifetime has comfortable, stable seating that can hold up to 3 riders. Being one of the most popular tandem kayaks in the market, it is loaded with convenient features making it useful for multiple purposes such as sailing, fishing and surfing. The lightweight polyethylene plastic construction makes it under 70 lbs and extremely easy to carry and dock on vehicles. Having a maximum weight capacity of 500 lbs this is great for various watersports as well as recreational purposes.

Very stable on water.
A lot of legroom.
Easy to paddle.
Lots of space to mount gears.

A bit bulky.
Takes water in the interior of the kayak.
Steering is constrained.
Backrests are slightly uncomfortable.

Ocean Kayak Malibu Tandem Sit-On-Top Kayak
This compact Sit-on-top kayak can accommodate the seating of two adult riders, including a child. Having a maximum weight capacity of 375-425 lbs, it’s a great a kayak for couples with a child. The Hull and deck design makes it easy to stack multiple hulls easily on dock storage. The 2 Comfort Plus seats, three molded-in seat wells plus built in gear straps, patented overlapping foot wells, molded-in handles, skid plates make the kayak comfortable and convenient to riders of all sizes.

Stable platform.
The hull tracks well and helps handling the wind.
Big storage capacity.
Tracks well.

Is a bit on the heavier side.
Collects water

Advanced Elements Lagoon 2 Tandem Inflatable Kayak:
It’s an inflatable 2 person Kayak that offers a performance experience with its rigid bow and stern which slices gracefully through water. The outside cover of the Lagoon 2 is made with two different materials; the topside is made with high density polyester with a PVC laminate and the bottom hull is made with a PVC tarpaulin. Additionally, to increase performance and durability the inner tube is covered with a high density fabric. It’s also equipped with built-in rigid panels on the bow and stern that help in improving tracking. Being 12 feet long and with the maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs Lagoon 2 is a great kayak for kayaking in lakes, mild rivers and bays.

Great for people short on space.
Sturdy and durable.
Very lightweight to carry.
Ample legroom.
Tracks perfectly.

Takes long to set up.
Inflatable tubes crack with higher amount of usage.
Difficult to clean.

Though challenging as it may seem, Tandem Kayaks are one of the most popular and sought out Kayaks in the sphere of water sports. High variety of kayaks available in the market makes it easy for the customers choose depending on their needs and skills.


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