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Tangkuban Perahu Bandung : Tourist Guide & Legend

Updated on June 8, 2014

Tangkuban Perahu Crater


Tangkuban Perahu Mountain Fast Fact

What is Tangkuban Perahu ?
A dormant volcano in Bandung
30 km from Bandung city
Why Is It Important ?
It is a a volcano you can visit, right to the rim.

History of Eruption

Over the last 40,000 years, the Tangkuban Perahu is believed to have erupted around 30 times. The last time it erupted was in 1983 but since then there were several warnings issued for Bandung tourists not to visit the area.

The last warning was in 2005

Ticket Prices

Price (in Rupiah)
Tour Guide
Not compulsory. But you are advise to take if it's your first visit
Ticketing info for 2014

Boiling Egg in the Crater

One of the thing you could do here -- boil eggs
One of the thing you could do here -- boil eggs | Source

The Legend of Mount Tangkuban Perahu

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess named Dayang Sumbi. Dayang was not only beautiful but smart, and when she reached her youth, she became the talk of the neighboring kingdoms. She rejected all proposals by kings and princes to marry her in order to avoid wars between the rival kings. When things became difficult, she ran away into a forest, and lived in a hut.

One night, Dayang was weaving on the porch of her hut. On that day, she was unwell. But eager to finish her work, Dayang kept working. Weaving with weak fingers, her yarn dropped several times onto the floor. Unfortunate for her, no one was there to help.

After the yarn fell for the umpteenth time, she became upset and vowed that she would marry anyone who would get it for her. After she had made this promise, a magical dog named Tumang appeared and fetch her her yarn. So, in accordance to her oath she had to marry the dog.

The marriage

The marriage was blessed with a child named Sangkuriang, who, like the father is bestowed with magical powers. But the fact that the father was a magical dog was kept hidden to the son. He thought the dog was his loyal playmate.

One day, Dayang told his son to get her a deer, and so Sangkuriang along with his loyal companion, Tumang went into the forest to hunt for one. Despite many attempts, Sangkuriang failed to kill one. But not wanting to disappoint his mother, Sangkuriang killed his dog and presented it to his mother and told her it was a deer he hunted earlier.

Only after eating the meat and learning that Tumang was missing did she realized that his son had killed his husband. She hit him on this face until blood gushed from his forehead. She also threw him away from the palace as the punishment for killing Tumang.

Meeting A Lover

Years gone by and Sangkuriang became a young man. Due to the blow to his head he could not remember much of what happened except that a hermit saved him and gave him the power to summon spirits when needed. The hermit called him Jaka.

Meanwhile Dayang was still sad at the lost of two man dear to her heart. Everyday, she prayed to God that she be given eternal youth so that his son might come back and recognized her.

Legend has it that one day Jaka met a beautiful woman and after a short courtship, decided to marry her. Both were prepared for the day until the beautiful woman stroke the long hair of Jaka and saw his deep scar. That was the moment when she knew that Jaka was her own son, Sangkuriang.

Knowing that it is wrong to marry his own son, Dayang tried to stop the marriage by requesting that Jaka showed his love by doing something impossible -- she wanted him to build a lake and a massive boat by dawn that day.

At night, Sangkuriang summon a huge army of spirits to help him and before dawn, his companions were about to finish the task and Sangkuriang was about to finish his boat.

Surprised, Dayang rushed to the nearby village and ordered the people to spread long red silk over the horizon where Sangkuriang was working. The spirits, afraid that they might get burnt, stopped working and rushed into hiding.

Furious that he was duped by his own lover, Sangkuriang went amok. He broke the lake and kicked the boat until it turned upside down and became the Tangkuban Perahu.

Souvenirs in Tangkuban Perahu

Volcano muds and wood carving found in Tangkuban being sold as souvenirs
Volcano muds and wood carving found in Tangkuban being sold as souvenirs | Source

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