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Taxi, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Updated on August 5, 2016
Taxi | Source

Traveling to Slovenia

Traveling to Slovenia can be for many reasons: job, work, holidays, relax or for some other reason. You'll probably come with an aeroplane. And because our airport isn't in our main city Ljubljana, but around 25 km from it, you'll probably need a car to take you there. The most used and wanted in our country are Taxi companies.

Sometimes when you come to other country, you can't just know the numbers of all Taxi companies in that country. You also don't know any informations about prices of Taxi. And we all know, that if you take the first Taxi which you see, he will probably be the most expensive. Well, it's no difference in our country. The Taxi on airport is the most expensive. That's why I'll tell you a little bit of the Taxi company, which is not expensive. Taxi in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Taxi; with permission of owner of the site
Taxi; with permission of owner of the site | Source

About Taxi

There are many Taxi companies in Slovenia, but because Ljubljana is our capital city, I'll tell you about Taxi in Ljubljana.

The biggest Taxi company in Ljubljana is Taxi Metro. They have over 200 taxi vehicles and over 250 drivers. Second is Taxi Intertours, which have over 150 vehicles and over 150 drivers. The third is Taxi Laguna with over 100 vehicles and over 100 drivers. There are also many small companies. But in this small companies you never know what you get. People say many things about them - or they're expencive, or they don't have any licence for doing their jobs and similar. Same problem as in many other countries on the world.

Taxi in Ljubljana can drive you to any destination you wish, even out of Slovenia. But you must beware, because prices are very different. So make sure to ask for the price before you order it.

There are many cars or taxi vehicles here in Ljubljana. So you can find from small cars, which are ordinary, as Fiat Stilo, Opel Corsa, Opel Vectra, Citroen C4, Ford Mondeo and others; to elegant ''high society'' cars as BMW, Mercedes, Audi and others. So, if you go to wedding with taxi, on funeral, or just meeting with some co-workers, make sure, you order ''A BETTER TAXI'', so they send you one.

And the most important thing to order a Taxi in Ljubljana - you must know where you are in the time you call for taxi. If you're in hospital, you must tell exacly in which hospital you are. If you're in Hotel or Motel, the people at reception can help you. But, if you're in a house, maybe at friends home or something similar, than you have to know exacly adress of this house. For example: If you're at the emergency, than you order it at emergency; if you're in Hotel Slon in Ljubljana, than order it there; If you're on road Celovska, look for the number (let's say 126), than order it to Celovska cesta 126. If you say only that you're on Celovska cesta, it's not enough, because this road has over 300 house numbers. And that's it.

Payments and prices of Taxi in Ljubljana

Every taxi company has their own price. Compaines Taxi Metro and Taxi Laguna have single tariff, while Taxi Intertours has three.

For Taxi Metro prices are:

Start: 0,95 eur (when you start your travel with taxi, the start turns on. After start turns on, the price is lower.)

Single tariff: 0,89 eur /km

You can only pay with cash.

For Taxi Laguna prices are:

Start:0,93 eur

Single tariff: 0,89 eur/km

Waiting hour: 13,70 eur

You can pay with paycards or cash.

For Taxi Intertours prices are:

Start: 1,00 eur

1st price: 1,29 eur / km (if you see a taxi and sit in it, but you didn't call in radio centre,or driver directly),

2nd price: 0,77 eur / km (if you call in radio centre and order taxi on specific place - but you must know exacly where you are, the adress or bar or something known),

3rd price: 0,69 eur / km (if you are student living in Slovenia and you have your students card)

Waiting hour price is 14,80 eur.

You can also pay with cash or paycard.

PRICES FOR DIFFERENT DESTINATIONS WITH ALL THREE TAXI COMPANIES (here I'll add another Taxi company which is the cheapest in Ljubljana and I'll name it Taxi RoSe):


- Airport Ljubljana: Taxi Metro +/- 25,09€; Taxi Laguna +/- 25,07€; Taxi Intertours +/- 21,02€; Taxi RoSe 20€.

- Bled: Taxi Metro +/- 49,96€; Taxi Laguna +/- 49,94€; Taxi Intertours +/- 42,58€; Taxi RoSe 38€.

- Portorose: Taxi Metro +/- 106,86€; Taxi Laguna +/- 107€; Taxi Intertours +/- 92,63€; Taxi RoSe 75€.

- Maribor: Taxi Metro +/- 115,76€; Taxi Laguna +/- 114€; Taxi Intertours +/- 100,33€; Taxi RoSe 80€.

- Celje: Taxi Metro +/- 70,73€; Taxi Laguna +/- 72€; Taxi Intertours +/- 61,06€; Taxi roSe 50€.

So, the difference is obviously, isn't it? That's why be careful and when you go with Taxi, first ask for the price from where you are, to destination you want to go. It's better to first call two or three companies and ask for price and than decide, as call first taxi, order it and pay expensive.



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    • rommy1984 profile image

      Romana 5 years ago from Koper / Capodistria, Slovenia

      No problem... I'll do that in my next Hub... You gave me the idea, thanx...

    • Gail Meyers profile image

      Gail Meyers 5 years ago from Kansas City - United States

      This is some helpful information, Rommy. I would love to see a map and some pictures of your country, too.