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Telescoping portable wheelchair ramps make vacation nature trips easy and fun for all

Updated on June 18, 2013
Portable Wheel Chair Ramps
Portable Wheel Chair Ramps
Use them for steps where no ramps are available
Use them for steps where no ramps are available
Easy to carry case
Easy to carry case
Used by the Amish to transport into a wagon or buggy.
Used by the Amish to transport into a wagon or buggy.
Straps on the back of a wheel chair
Straps on the back of a wheel chair

Despite all the ADA requirements access barriers still exist, especially for those families who thrive on being out in the natural undeveloped habitat.

Now wheelchair dependent family members can fully enjoy family nature outings with these Portable Wheelchair Ramps.

Use them for every day outings and even take them along on family vacations.

If your family lives for the great outdoors and you have a wheelchair dependent family member you already know the planning of simple day trips to even family vacations can be a real challenge.

Despite all the ADA requirements, access barriers still exist, especially for those families who thrive on being out in the natural undeveloped habitat.

The challenge of family dynamics on how to combine the wants and desires of ambulatory family members with a wheelchair dependent family member can sometimes become very overwhelming.

Children especially need to experience the pleasures of new outdoor adventures.

You only grow up once and being held back in life adventures because a sibling was not able to do the same things can have long last resentments for both the wheelchair and ambulatory individuals.

These very portable telescoping ramps collapse into an easy to carry case.

Weighing only 39 lbs and fitting in a case smaller than a golf bag hard case, these ramps can even be taken along with other luggage on vacations. Check with your airlines for any extra fees or restrictions.

There is no need to rent a special handicap van or spend extra days traveling on the road with an equipped van just because a handicap van may not be available at your vacation destination.

Before renting a van it is a good idea to visit various car dealerships and understand how the rear seats work on various models.

Remember when transporting a handicap passenger in a non-equipped van for wheelchairs, strap down cleats will not be available.

The individual will need to be transferred over to a regular car seat equipped with seat belts.

Renting a van with fold down cargo seats or removing one seat will be needed to maneuver the wheelchair next to a rear passenger seat.

Knowing which van models that will fit the needs ahead of time may save delays.

The ramps can also be used in vacation spots not designed for ADA access, such as steps to a cottage, camps, nature outings, rides and…….

The ramps have a 600lb capacity and are made from USA recycled anodized aluminum. Use them for wheelchairs, some four wheel scooters, and other mobile and outdoor equipment.

Telescopic Channel Ramps have a wide 7 1/2” tracks with non- skid surface to walk behind the wheelchair in order to push up steep inclines.

If the person is able to wheel themselves, you can add a removable brace across the step bars on the wheelchair and then strap the ramps and case to the back of the chair.

Granted this may not be the ideal situation if you will need to also push the wheelchair, as the height of the ramps will be right at eye level of the person pushing the chair.

Quick set up! These ramps are very easy to use. Each ramp extends from 54” to 8’, nearly double its length for fast and easy set up to accommodate most situations from a van, steps, ditches, and yes even for an Amish buggy!

You can purchase the telescoping portable wheelchair ramps and carrying case at Cottage Craft Works .com . There is even free Shipping within the Continental USA.

Cottage Craft Works is a unique non-electric back-to-basic self sufficient general store featuring many Amish made USA products hence, the picture of the Amish buggy.

While 90% of the products are Amish made, Cottage Craft Works also provides a market place for other small cottage based businesses.

The handicap ramps are not made by the Amish, but are USA made and used by the Amish for their own handicapped family members.

Cottage Craft Works also carries other handicap friendly products such as a all aluminium laundry basket cart for those with degenerative disc disease and adapted hunting calls for those that still enjoy hunting.

With a wide variety of Amish shops and skilled Amish craftsman, Cottage Craft Works can have almost any item custom built and handicap adapted from wood, metal, stainless, fabric or plastic.


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