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Eight Items to Bring on Road Trips with Toddlers

Updated on December 3, 2012

Road Tripping with Toddlers

Even with gas prices on the rise we have been driving with two in tow instead of flying. When we were care free newly weds we used to fly everywhere and wonder why in the world anyone would drive when it was so much faster to fly, fast forward about five years. We now have two toddlers in tow and the cost of flying them gets pretty steep. Especially since they are both over the age of two and can not be considered lap children.

I also know after recent events that my kids would be the ones to get us thrown off a plane. I have a very energetic two year old that definitely needs the safety and security of not being able to get out of a car seat.

8 Things we Bring to Keep the Sanity

On The Road Items

1. The electronic toys

My kids received their first leapster explorers this year for Christmas. They love them, I love them, etc, etc. There are rules in place to make sure that these toys are looked upon this excitement when we need them to be. They are only allowed to be played with when we are taking long car rides, waiting at the doctors, or other times when I need quiet, well behaved children.

2. The Snack Box

I pack a snack box and then double the amount of things I think they will do through. Without fail they are starving the minute we get going. I make sure that the pack includes a variety of snacks and a few apple juices.

3. Water Bottles

Everyone in the family has a nice cold reusable bottle of water ready for the trip. This saves on money and stops from dehydrated people.

4. Tunes

Both for us and the kids. I bought a first generation USB stick type ipod off ebay for less then $10. I put a bunch of the toddler songs on it and invested 99 cents for a headphone splitter. They can both plug their headphones into the ipod and enjoy some great songs while the rest of us enjoy our music.

On Location Items

5. Flip flops/ crocs/ slide on shoes

Whether going to the pool or walking around the hotel it is always important ot bring a pair of shoes that you can slip on quickly to run out to the car, get some ice, down to the pool, or down to breakfast.

6. Laundry Bags

This is something I always used to forget to pack. I now have one that clip on the outside of my bag and a few that I stuff into the kids bags. All the dirty clothes go into separate laundry bags by person that the clothes belong to. This makes unpacking on the other side easier too.

7. Familiar Blanket

We always bring the kids car blankets in from the car for a familiar item to snuggle with at night besides their one treasured item. You never know what types of blankets the hotel will have available.

8. Swimsuit

It has been my rule since an early age, never go anywhere without a swimsuit in tow. I think I was two when I put this rule in place, it was something my mom said wasn't worth arguing with me about. At the age of 3 it proved useful when we got stuck in a hotel with an awesome pool in the middle of a blizzard. This has has stayed with me and even when i don't think there will be a pool you just never know.

My Oldest Happily Singing Along to his Ipod

Traveling There and Back Again

Nothing guaranteed to go perfect on road trips, make sure you plot out where the nearest restrooms are and the rest areas are along the way. We have been able to find that I great deal of the nicely done rest areas also have playgrounds. Between this and the soccer ball that we always have in the car we are ready to run off some energy on our breaks.

Now let's just hope the kids stay in their own bed in the hotel.


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    • Rochelle Frank profile image

      Rochelle Frank 

      6 years ago from California Gold Country

      Good suggestions-- though when my kids were little we never had electronic aids. I guess we just used our imagination and a few picture books and games to keep them entertained.


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