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Ten things to keep before travel

Updated on July 24, 2009

Tips of traveling


Traveling is mostly called a hobby but sometimes it becomes obligatory.

In both the cases it should be enjoyed by proper planning . Planning of taking luggage with some useful things which can be used when necessary during travel. There are some important tips which should be kept in mind while packing your luggage for traveling …

1.Don’t overload your luggage bag because it will increase burden on you


2. Maps of the destiny should be taken with you.


3.Necessary documents like passport or visa should be taken carefully with you.


4.Don’t put large amount of money in the state of cash. Take Atm & credit cards with you.


5.According to climatic condition of that place you should carry some extra clothes, some      sweaters & shoes should be taken with you.


6. You should buy ticket of the airline or bus in advance.


7. You should check the weather of that place through web or TV channel in advance.


8. You can take a camera with you for taking some beautiful snaps.


9. You should take water bottle with you during you travel.


10. Most importantly you should take first aid medicines or your regular medicines with you during travel.



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