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Things you must do when you are in India

Updated on June 2, 2015

Visit at least one place from all four directions.

The chilly north, sandy west , spicy south and the trippy east ; you must visit them all. The Himalayas in the north are something the Indians swell about, the pure grown weed in Kasol is something to die for. The sand dunes of Gujarat and the palaces of Rajasthan will enchant you for days even after you leave. The stay at houseboat in Alleppey, Kerala and the hill stations of Karnataka and Tamil nadu will leave you spellbound. The serene beauty of the eastern states (notoriously known as the 7 sisters) will plead you to stay back in the woods.

Hit the shores of Goa.

Goa, the land of beaches in India also hosts a huge pack of hippies from around the world. People visit the place to relax, just throw back all the worries of life ,grab a chilled bottle of beer and relax for the shores. The other side of Goa rises by the night and so does the party animal within you. Goa is a must on your list- mark my words and let me know how you feel!

Celebrate at least one festival

Around whatever time you come to India, there is always a festival around the corner. The country has officially at least a 1000 festivals and more (one can't really make that list!). Around march celebrate the festival of colors , get out with a gang of friends and apply colors on anybody's cheek (Yes, you read that right!) and you won't get thrashed for it. All you need to do is scream out loud, "Holi Hai !". Ganesh chaturthi ,Dussera and Diwali are a few of the other public festival celebrations that add colors and light to your stay in the country.

Savor the Indian food

India- rightly known as the gold mine of spices and herbs, does amazing justice to every food fantasy. You can totally feel it on your taste buds when the taste changes when you head from north to south or west to east within the country. The fried recipes from the north and the spicy and tender recipes from the south will arrest your soul. The west serves a tinge of tangy taste while the east mostly serves well steamed and cooked food at its best. You must definitely try a dish from each state to understand the culinary diversity in the country.

Camp in the wilderness of the majestic mountain ranges.

Home of to a plethora of mountain ranges including the range that has the highest peak in the world,Mount Everest,India offers the best of climate and amenities to trek & explore the wilderness. The Southern mountain ranges are rich in flora and fauna and are achievable during most periods of the year. The Sahyadri ranges, Western ghats, Eastern ghats and the Nilgiri mountain ranges are something you can't afford to miss. Trek to the peak and camp at the site to feel the ultimate tranquil trance that even the strongest of chemical tranquilizers can't promise you.

Visit the world heritage sites.

They are not called "World Heritage Sites" just for the sake of it, these places are of utmost cultural and natural importance to the nation. As of today, India has a total of 32 world heritage sites ,each completely different from one another.You definitely can't visit all of them in one go, but visit at least ten of them to know the real India. The huge list of world heritage sites in India include mountain ranges, forts, national parks and more peculiarly jails and railways too. A complete treat in itself, these 32 sites are a must visit for any hardcore Indian fan.

Feel the insane calmness of an Indian village life

India is known as the country of villages and we pride in it. A country with a million villages that are authentic in their truest forms. The people are unassumingly welcoming and helpful (or probably I should leave that for you to decide!). The Villages are a hub of cultural diversity in the country, and the sprawling undisturbed nature just adds to it.

Just pack your bags and fly in today, I bet you'll not regret your decision. Happy vacation y'all.


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