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The 10 Most Dangerous Roads in Europe

Updated on June 5, 2020

Europe is one of the most attractive destinations in the world and most tourists like to rent a car to get to know a certain region and its main points of interest. This is an excellent option, but you have to be very careful with the roads, as they can be very tricky. Discover the 10 most dangerous roads in Europe and take defensive driving to safeguard your safety.

1 - Autobahn - Germany

The word Autobahn is a German term that means path (bahn) for automobiles (auto). However, what differentiates German Autobahns from motorways in other countries is the absence of a speed limit, although it is advisable for vehicles to travel at a speed of 130 km / h. This is one of the safest roads in the world, but despite its reputation, there is a section near the town of Aldenhoven that is quite deteriorated and requires the utmost attention.

2 - The A77 - SCOTLAND

The A77 is located in the south west of Scotland, connecting the city of Prestwick to Glasgow and is reputed to be very dangerous due to the crashes and accidents that happen there. To make the highway safer, local authorities installed 15 surveillance cameras along the 41-kilometer route, in order to control the speed of the cars and offer better assistance to all motorists.

3 - The A726 - SCOTLAND

The A726 road connecting the Paisley region to Glasgow is considered to be the most dangerous in Scotland, as every year there is a high number of deaths and several accidents involving cars, pedestrians and cyclists. The road is about 7 km long and between the Paisley area and junction 3 of the M77, motorists can have many scares and run some dangers if they are not fully concentrated.

4 - Splugen Pass - Italy

The Splugen Pass road is at an altitude of 2113 meters and establishes the border between the Lepontine Alps and the Retic Alps, between Switzerland and Italy. It is a well-signposted and safe road, as long as motorists respect speed limits and keep their distance from guard rails. For everyone who likes to travel by car with the family, this road offers extraordinary landscapes. However, you should be aware that during the winter months, the road is closed to all motor vehicles.

5 - Gothard Pass - Switzerland

The Gothard Pass is located at an altitude of 2106 meters and is located between Airolo, in the canton of Ticino and Göschenen, in the canton of Uri, and connects German-speaking Switzerland to Italian-speaking Switzerland. The road offers breathtaking views, but you have to be very careful when crossing, as the curves are very tight and the car needs good tires. This passage started to be used a lot in the 13th century, has many tunnels and bridges and allows to cross the dangerous river Reuss and the Schöllenen gorge before Andermatt.

6 - Grimsel Pass - Switzerland

The Grimsel Pass road is in Switzerland and is located at 2,165 meters high. It was built in 1890 and passes by several lakes and the Grimsel Test Site, where studies are carried out with radioactive waste. It is usually open from June to October and connects the valley of the Rhone in the canton of Valais to Haslital in the canton of Bern. It is one of the steepest roads in the world and offers wonderful panoramic views.

7 - Lysebotn Road - Norway

Lysebotn Road is located in the city of Lysefjord, Norway and is not for motorists with a sensitive stomach. It is one of the most dangerous roads in Europe, requires a lot of attention from motorists and provides a journey full of emotions. The road is 930 meters high, contains 27 sharp turns and a 1.1 km tunnel. It is usually open from May to October and is considered an authentic roller coaster.

8 - Trollstigen Road - Norway

The Trollstigen road is one of the most popular attractions in the Rauma region in Norway, but also one of the most dangerous due to the possibility of falling rocks. However, despite its dangers, this road attracts more and more tourists. It is known as the “Troll's Ladder”, has 11 sharp curves, several stone walls and numerous magnificent waterfalls, such as that of Stigfossen. Generally, if weather conditions permit, the road is open between May and October.

9 - Transfagarasan Road - Romania

The Transfagarasan road is one of the most beautiful roads in Romania, but also one of the most dangerous and tiring. It was built as a strategic military route by ex-dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, between 1970 and 1974, and links the regions of Transylvania and Wallachia. This road crosses the Carpathians Mountains through the highest mountain peaks and is about 90 km long.

10 - Perdikaki Road - Greece

The Perdikaki Road is located in the mountainous regions of Greece and connects the cities of Patiopoulo and Perdikaki. It is a very narrow road, without any type of sign and is usually full of holes and slippery gravel, which makes it difficult for the tires to stick to the floor. Most of the time, the road is congested by other vehicles, pedestrians or animals and any distraction can be fatal.


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