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The 10 key things to remember when on a Walt Disney World vacation

Updated on October 2, 2015

The Do's and Dont's of selecting the date of your trip

Just like with any other amusement park Disney has extremely crowded days, slow days, hot days and cold days. My personal favorite time to go is in October the week of Halloween every time of the year has different good things and bad things about it.


Christmas is a magical time of the year in Walt Disney World there are many different pros and cons to Disney during Christmas.

Pros: Disney during Christmas time is just a whole new experience. From the lights to the music it just adds to the magic of it all. There are different experiences such as meeting characters in their Christmas best or even meeting Santa in the magic kingdom. Who doesn't love meeting Santa? Let alone in The Magic Kingdom.

Cons: Christmas is a very busy time for Disney and leads to the parks getting crowded never the less a week or two before Christmas you can beat the crowds and have all the magic of Disney at Christmas. Christmas also is a little unpredictable with weather so make sure you check the weather carefully before scheduling your trip

Cinderellas castle during Christmas time
Cinderellas castle during Christmas time


Summer is a very very hot time to visit but is also a very fun time. I will personally be visiting Walt Disney world this summer. Just like Christmas there are also pros and cons to visiting Disney World in the summer.

Pros: due to the heat ice cream and any other cold snack taste 50 gazillion times better. Rides like Splash Mountain are even more enjoyable to cool yourself off on a hot summer day. there is also nothing like returning to your hotel and taking a late night swim in your hotels themed swimming pool.

Cons: The heat...walking around in Disney World can be one of the hottest things in the world. Also the crowds especially in the beginning and end of the summer

Animal Kingdoms Tree of life during the summer
Animal Kingdoms Tree of life during the summer


Spring; one of the best times to visit Walt Disney world its not too hot not too cold its just right with not too many lines and great weather leads to a perfect trip

Animal Kingdoms grand entrance during the Spring
Animal Kingdoms grand entrance during the Spring


Just like Spring this is the other key time to visit Walt Disney World. As i mentioned earlier Fall especially around Halloween is my favorite time to go. During Fall there are special things to do which you can't during other seasons such as: Mickeys not so scary Halloween party it is defiantly worth the cost to get to trick-or-treat with Disney characters or have a dance party with the Disney villains. Overall Fall is a wonderful time to go.

Mickeys not so scary Halloween party
Mickeys not so scary Halloween party

what do you think?

what is your favorite season to visit Walt DIsney World

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