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The Adventures of Doctor Who in London

Updated on December 23, 2013

There is no shortage of geeks like Sheldon Cooper who’re just in love with Dr Who. But nerdy Big Bang Theory is not the only Whovian show that has name checked the Time Lord. And why not? Dr Who is such a quintessentially British marvel that has taken the country by storm. From grownup sci-fi fiction fans to little kids, you’ll find Who Fanatics all over the world. Wouldn’t it be excited to recall all your favourite episodes? Right in the capital city of England? Through a Dr Who inspired tour of London? So let’s trace the footsteps of Dr Who, who keeps frequenting London time and again.

Time and Relative Dimension in Space
Time and Relative Dimension in Space

Find a Tardis (Time and Relative Dimension in Space)

When the Doctor lands in London, he leaves his Tardis, the big blue box for everyone to see! And you can be the lucky one to spot it and take a quick jaunt through time and space. All you need to do is visit Earls Court Station and there you’ll find the phone box parked up for you to take photos with it. See if you can get inside. But keep your eyes open, as there can be a Dalek nearby! Another Tardis can be found in London Film Museum which was actually led by Peter Cushing in Dr Who and the Daleks in 1965 film.

Dr Who Souvenirs
Dr Who Souvenirs

Dr Who Souvenirs

When exploring Dr Who locations in London, don’t forget to cherish those memories with Doctor Who memorabilia, books and toys! Visit the Who Shop which is a heaven for Whovians and a museum of its own kind in Upton Park. Comic books, toys, DVDs, props, costumes, and a lot more awaits your arrival, so you’re sure to feel like kid in a candy shop. For all things Who, the top floor at Hamleys is also worth exploring and also the Forbidden Planet for some Dr Who themed sci-fi souvenirs.

London Film Museum
London Film Museum

Do you like the idea of ‘Time Travel’?

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Visit the London Film Museum

London Film Museum is nothing short of a space ship for sci-fi fiction fans. From Dr Who to Star Wars and Thunderbird, the unusual sculptures, characters, film sets, and props will definitely appeal to the nerd in you. And it’s not the just the b blue police box that you’ll find there but also get ready to come face to face with the Daleks out there. Find out how the films are actually made and explore a cartoon collection too.

Track the Daleks
Track the Daleks

Track the Daleks

Doctor Who has visited London quite a few times in its long history of 50 years for both business and pleasure. The first ever sighting of Daleks dates back to 1964 when the scooted all around Trafalgar Square to pursue the Doctor. And more recently, the Delaks fought with the Cybermen in Canary Wharf in the Doomsday episode which is a favourite! Visit these iconic sites to relive those Dalek encounters shot in London. However, it’s not just the Daleks that have invaded London, other other-wordly beings have also been spotted here. Remember the large wheel used as a transmitter for Nestene Consciousness in 2005, it was London Eye. To transform humans into cyborgs, Cybermen captured the Battersea Power Station. The Empress of Racnoss created her hidden den under the Thames barrier in 2006. All these places will let you recall the most cherished episodes of Doctor Who.

Some Dr Who Locations in London

The Tardis Lands, 1963
The Tardis Lands, 1963

The Tardis Lands, 1963

Let’s begin from the beginning. A huge bell rings, a police officer focuses his torch towards the mist, and there appears the Tardis landing in the junkyard in the very first episode of Dr Who in 1963. The scene was shot at Lime Grove Studios at Gaumont Terrace which was destroyed in 1993, not by the Daleks but by BBC.

Gaumont Terrace, W12 8HR

The Daleks Attack, 1964
The Daleks Attack, 1964

The Daleks Attack, 1964

The interplanetary evils, the Delaks as called in the series, launch an attack on earth and cross few of the greatest sights in London. The scene had an unsettling resonance with the idea condemned in Second World War of fascist slaying apparatuses and firebombing London. One of the memorable moments in Dr Who history was a horde of Daleks crossing Westminster Bridge which was recreated for the 50th Dr Who anniversary by BFI. Cross the same bridge and recall the legendary scene.

Westminster Bridge, Lambeth, SE1

The Cybermen near St Paul’s, 1968
The Cybermen near St Paul’s, 1968

The Cybermen near St Paul’s, 1968

One of the legendary moments in the series was, the shiny troopers descending the stairs near St Paul’s Cathedral, a troop of Martians also trying to invade the earth. Foster finds it one of the most visually striking scenes of 60’s Who.

St Peter’s Steps, Sermon Lane, EC4

The Doctor Returns, 2005

“Nice to meet you Rose. Run for your life!” Remember the scene from The Doctor Returns? Of course you do. When the ninth doctor meets Rose in a shop running from the plastic dummies, he meets Rose and asks her to escape. They run to the council estate where Rose resides, which is why, this place has become a film set in its own. The people there have to face space invasions, evil aliens, attacks by Army tanks and fake snow, although they get paid for it! If you plan to go there, don’t try to look for the graffiti shown on screen. It was put up by the Dr Who designers which was later removed.

Brandon Estate, Bethwin Road, Walworth, SE5

Doctor Who Shoots in Trafalgar Sqaure

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Episode, 2013

Trafalgar Square has turned out to be the favourite location of Who crew and featured in the latest 50th anniversary episode too. Doctor Who (played by Matt Smith) finds himself dangling from the blue box over Trafalgar Square. He was taken up double the height of Nelson’s Column under the Tardis with support from an attached wire. Foster jokes that the fourth column has a guest sculpture and perhaps it should be replaced with a Tardis permanently.

Westminster, WC1N 5DS

So next time you visit London, make sure to visit these few locations that’ll help you travel back in time and space to relive those special Doctor Who moments.


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