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The Area 51 Tour from Las Vegas

Updated on June 20, 2014

A bizarre family activity while in Las Vegas

There are a lot of strange things to see in Las Vegas, from mermaids swimming with sharks to a gondola ride in the middle of the desert, but the strangest family activity I've found is the Area 51 tours. These tours will pick you up in an SUV on The Strip and take you for a long drive out into the desert to the outskirts of the top secret Area 51, along with other places of bizarre interest for alien watchers. On this 9-hour tour you'll see petroglyphs that are thousands of years old and seem to depict some sort of alien life form.

The cost and details

This is one of the more expensive tours in Las Vegas, at about $195 for an adult ticket and $165 for a child, but you have to remember that this is not a bus tour. You'll be driven by SUV on a guided tour that lasts 9 hours. If you need something to occupy the family for the whole day and have an interest in UFOs and aliens, this is the tour for you. Even at the rather steep price, this tour sells out regularly so you'll want to call ahead and make sure you get reservations. Chances are slim you'll be able to take this tour at the last minute because there won't be seats available.

Along the tour there is a stop for lunch at Alamo, about 70 miles from Rachel and Area 51. Be sure to bring a camera on this tour, because there is a lot of beautiful scenery on the Extraterrestrial Highway.


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