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The Areas of Newfoundland and Labrador

Updated on March 21, 2016

The locals of the area call this place the iceberg alley because sometimes, this area sees huge ice chunks. The area has formed by breaking off the shelf of ice in Greenland. Newfoundland and Labrador witness frozen sculptures that appear at the shoreline of the eastern region every year during the summers and spring. These ice sculptures smash into the bay and in due time, they melt into the waters of the North Atlantic. The people, who visit this area, can see these sculptures that are usually floating but may have been there for over three thousand years. We can visit sculptures by kayaks, boats, etc. as most of them are lying below the surface of the water.

Newfoundland separated to Labrador by the Strait of Belle Isle and on the other side, it is separated from Nova Scotia by the Cabot Strait that lays in the southwestern region. In the SE, it is the Saint-Pierre and Miquelon that separated to the Burin Peninsula. The borders of Labrador mean the Labrador Sea that creates the northern and eastern boundaries and to the south as well as the west, it is Quebec that forms a boundary.

The best time that you can visit this area is that of the middle of May to the earliest parts of June. The time when you can visit the coast that lies to the northeast of Newfoundland. The Labrador area is to be visited anytime in March or July. Although the ice chunks are still visible during August and July, it is best to visit the area in time. Because it is usually not possible to state the exact location of the icebergs and there is no guarantee of sighting them. So, it is better that you visit the progress of these icebergs before you visit so that you don’t have to be disappointed.

The areas of Newfoundland and LabradorThe Areas of Newfoundland and Labrador

Seeing the icebergs from the land and seeing them at a touch’s distance and feeling their size by being near them has an entirely different feel. There are guided trips that are conducted all over the day or even for a few days at a stretch. The transportation for the public isn’t very abundant in Newfoundland, and so, it is better to have a rented car from the city of St. John’s before you start the journey. Most visitors like to stay in the hotspots of icebergs where you will find hotels that are very comfortable. The fun fact is that the water of these icebergs is fresh and free of any contaminant and so, these are offered as the local beverages. You can have a taste of the berry wines that make in local. You can choose to live anywhere in Newfoundland or Labrador as in any way your main attraction is going to be the icebergs. The whole region has its tourism dedicated to this sector and visiting this place is going to be a different experience.


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