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The Atlantic Palace and Atlantic City's Night Life

Updated on February 5, 2012

The Atlantic Palace

Proximity to the night life
Proximity to the night life | Source

Atlantic City as a Vacation Destination

Whenever anyone associates the name Atlantic City the first thought that comes to mind is Casino's. Atlantic City is well known for it's rich life in Gamblining and names like Trump. However, over the years, it has become more rundown and quite scary at best. When we traveled there in 2009 we merely took the trip because my father had been bothering us for years to visit the Casinos. Although I must say my impresison of this city was downgraded after this visit, I am glad we granted my father this wish, as he unexpectedly passed away several months later at the early age of 58. For years he had told us how great this place was when he went there years and years ago but our visit this particular year did not reaffirm those stories he told.

When we stayed here we were quite worried about venturing out of our room past a certain time. The city itself looks like a dump and aside from the actual nice casinos and some hotels, everything else is suspect. There were some shady characters on the streets and the beach was not at all impressive. Perhaps it is because we have been spoiled by Florida's beaches but nonetheless, I'm sure in its heyday this place was booming.

I will say that one of the nicest things about our trip during this time of year (November) was the Christmas festivities that were taking place and the Mall that is on the boardwalk. The Tropicana was beautiful inside and we were able to see the lighting of the HUGE tree in its center. Not only that, but there were free food samples and to my fathers delight, Hooter's Girls greeting people.

Other than the attraction of the Casino's, the Mall and holiday festivities, Atlantic City is in need of some rejuvenation. It appears that it could be a beautiful city but much work needs to be done in terms of rebuilding its renowned reputation.

The Atlantic Palace

My extended family decidced to stay at the Atlantic Palace in November because my father had always wanted to go to Atlantic City together. Since we had a timeshare here and it was conveniently located to everything. It is about a stones throw from Bally’s and Trump Casinos. You will either overlook the ocean or the cityscape but both views are equally impressive

The property itself is very nice and the resort is just as competitive with other properties of its type, despite the confition of Atlantic City overall. Many complaints have focused on the condition of the resort but what they may be referencing is the city itself. It is not recommended that you walk outside alone at night unless you are staying in well lit areas and remain with a group of people. We walked around after 1 am on the boardwalk and had no problem at all.

The resort is convenient to everything, which is important when staying in Atlantic City. For your convenience, the resort has a big game room/family area, which is located next to the fitness area, outdoor pool, and sauna. The pool, however, is only open during the summer season.

The rooms are not your typical square or rectangular shape and offer views of the ocean or city. Both rooms were on top floors of the resort, which was coo, unless you are afraid of heights. When you walk in the room you first encounter the kitchen/living room area. In both rooms, the dining tables have a unique shape that fits with the decor of this resort. They are equipped to seat at least 4 people.

If you are on a budget, the kitchen provides great relief to you, as it is equipped with everything that is needed to cook your own meals. In Atlantic CIty, eating out can be quite expensive unless you are comped or have some other deal worked.

The living area has a pull out sofa, tv/dvd, and coffee table. We had a 1 bedroom that is equipped with a queen bed, tv/dvd, and nightstand. The bathroom isimmediately off of the bedroom and living area and has both a shower and large Jacuzzi tub.

What the rundown Atlantic City looks like now
What the rundown Atlantic City looks like now | Source


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