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The Azerbaijan - Israeli Connection in an Attack On Iran

Updated on April 3, 2012
The Airfield in Azerbaijan
The Airfield in Azerbaijan
Iranian test missiles
Iranian test missiles
IDF refueling
IDF refueling

The rumor of war continues to ramp up. Some think the Israeli attack on Iran will happen this summer-it will come like a thief, or will it? Recently, a report revealed that because of the US election and that an analysis of such an attack would produce 200 Americans killed, not to mention 500 Israelis, Israel has decided to wait until 2013. I find this hard to believe. By then, any such attack on Iran's nuclear weapon facilities will be pointless, by this summer, it may only delay Iran's capability by 6-8 months. Fact is, it is all a guessing game.

Most agree that any such Israeli attack on Iran is a problem because of geographics, Israel could send up to 80-100 bomb laden F-15, F-16s using the southern route with the help of 4-6 fuel tankers for fill ups while enroute across Saudi Arabia. After making several runs passed 5-8 prime targets, they would have to return by the same route. This is where the refueling is a problem with the tankers that have already been used on the way. The round trip would be 2200 miles! Iran would try to intercept them, forcing more use of fuel in dogfights.

The fix is Azerbaijan, which is near Iran and has four old Soviet airbases capable for use by jet aircraft. Israel is the second largest customer for Azeri oil, shipped through the Baku-Tibilisi-Ceyhan pipeline. The two countries have been friends and now close friends since 1995, even the Azerbaijan regime is run like a mafia, the country leaders greatly dislike Russia and Iran, their neighbors, so the common ground is Iran. Israel wants to use the old airfields for their jets AFTER they bomb Iran, to avoid refueling issues. Azerbaijan loves the money they would get for them. The most likely airbase is Sitalcay, which is located just over 40 miles northwest of Baku and 340 miles from the Iranian border. The base has full facilities to service and refuel aircraft as it was a former Soviet SU-25 airbase.

In February 2012, the two countries signed a $1.6 billion arms agreement that provides Azerbaijan with sophisticated 60 drones and missile-defense systems. This has been in the works since 2006, when Israeli decided it could not count on America, and has been further exacerbated by President Obama today.

Of course, Iran is fully aware of this and recently 22 Iranian agents were arrested in Baku. And, of course, Azerbaijan officials deny all this and publicly state that they would not allow Israeli aircraft or foreign aircraft to use their airfields to strike their "brother" of Iran.

The relationship between Azerbaijan and Israeli proves that Muslims, Islam and Jews can be friends and work together--for a price.


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