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The Beaches Of Cornwall: Par Sands

Updated on June 27, 2017

So Many Beaches in Cornwall

Living in Cornwall, I know how lucky I am to be able to see so many beautiful things, from the rolling countryside to the endless beaches. And with over 400 beaches to choose from (I live here and even I was surprised by that!) it would be silly not to showcase at least some of them. They may all be beaches, but each individual beach is so different from the last that it really shows the variety of beaches on offer in Cornwall.

Dog Friendly Beaches

Par Sands may be tucked away and seem like a closely guarded secret, but it is an incredibly popular beach, it is busy all year round thanks to its dog friendly status. Many Cornish beaches are dog friendly all year, some allow dogs out of season, and some don't allow dogs at all, so always be sure to check before you bring your dog as you risk a fine if you don't. Please pick up after your dog too as if you don't, the council will ban dogs altogether.

A markerPar Sands -
Park Leisure - Par Sands, Tudor Court, Par PL24 2AS, UK
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There are Places to eat Near Par Sands Beach

It's nestled at the edge of Par, near St Austell and I would definitely recommend visiting, it has some stunning views from the cliff top greenery to the breathtaking sea view. If you get hungry there is a pub within walking distance and an Indian restaurant too. Alternatively you can dine in the restaurant attached to the holiday homes, I have never been in but it always smells amazing.

The Dunes of Par Sands

After you have admired Par Sands beach, you can take a walk across the dunes, they are full of flowers, birds and countless other animals. You can walk for ages there and never get tired of the things you are seeing. The dunes are a great place to explore and another place that dogs love to go. If it's a relatively quiet day, you can even see the rabbits hopping around.

Par Lake

On the other side of the dunes, you will find a beautiful and tranquil lake right next to the holiday park, all the birds there are very friendly because they get fed a lot by the people in the holiday park. So don't be too alarmed if the swans or geese come up to you, they only want your food. I just tend to give it to them, the swans are taller than me!

Ducklings, goslings and signets are all found here!
Ducklings, goslings and signets are all found here!

Par Sands Beach is Stunning

Par Sands is a beautiful beach with so many other wonderful places to explore that I go at least once a month and I never get tired of it and I think it is somewhere everyone should visit at least once.


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