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The Beautiful Islands of Lake Erie

Updated on July 16, 2016
Kelley's State Park
Kelley's State Park

There is something deeply romantic about Lake Erie and its small islands owned by the USA. Below are some of the the suggestions for spots where you can find romantic settings in the islands of Lake Erie. It is best reached by air. Rent a car from Cleveland’s Hopkins Airport and follow the shorelines of Lake Erie until you reach Sandusky, then there is just a short drive to Port Clinton. A charming hotel there is the Island House. Take the Miller Ferry to the islands of Lake Erie. Catch it just across and down the street from the Hotel.

The Marblehead Lighthouse is not only the oldest light in continuous operation on the Great Lakes, but perhaps the most iconic symbol of the Lake Erie Shores & Islands. Each year thousands of visitors march to the top of the 77 steps that make up the lighthouse staircase, to catch a glimpse of the western basis of Lake Erie, following in the many footsteps of previous people who have visited this romantic, historical relic.

On a very clear day, onlookers may even be able to catch a glimpse of parts of Canada. The flat, almost picnic table like slabs of limestone below the lighthouse tend to be a favorite sun bathing spot for locals and visitors alike. If you're lucky, a night visit will yield a fireworks show to east from Cedar Point's famous Luminosity show. Nothing like being together in the dark with your sweetie and curling up watching fireworks against the blackened sky.

Sheldon's Marsh is located on the eastern region of the Lake Erie Shores & Islands and is considered one of the best nature walks in the area. A one-mile paved trail under a lush canopy comprised of various deciduous trees leads visitors out towards the edge of Lake Erie through some of the last remaining stretches of contiguous wetlands. How about a meander hand in hand with someone special along the seemingly private walkway.

Visitors who make it all the way to end of the one mile hike will be greatly rewarded with two, gorgeous white sand beaches perfect for an afternoon relaxation session. Sheldon's Marsh is also the perfect spot for bird watching and fall foliage. Keep your eyes peeled; curious baby deer tend to wander onto the trail while rummaging for food.

Situated on the north side of Kelleys Island, the largest American island in Lake Erie, only those in the know will wander outside of town looking for this hidden gem. But if you do, you'll be rewarded with a beach that feels like it belongs in the Caribbean. Warm, brilliant blue water and a tempting white sand beach make this spot perfect for sun seekers. This last romantic getaway is full of leafy trees and delightful places for a picnic with your beloved.

The crescent shaped beach faces north towards two Canadian islands and is surrounded by limestone cliffs and lush green prairie grass. This state park is not only unique because it harbors a beautiful hidden beach, but also the most impressive example of glacial scouring in the world.


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