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The Beauty of Banquet Halls

Updated on October 1, 2009

Banquet halls usually serve their purpose best at social functions like parties, wedding receptions, debut events, family reunions and a host of other special events or occasions. You may also find them most appropriate for frat organizations, in building clubs, dining restaurants or hotels, suites and inns. They’re occasionally found inside apartment complexes and condo associations which have clubhouses for the purposes of instilling a sense of peace and tranquility in a residential environment. However, there are other types of halls such as ones that one would find in churches and certain villages. A church hall can be found in some large churches as an adjacent building to the church for the express purpose of charitable events and community gatherings. It’s not unusual to find them being used for wedding receptions in order to accommodate guests.

As mentioned, there are also villages which construct halls for government activities. They are not quite like banquet halls; however, their main function is somewhat similar to how a city hall is used. A village hall can also be used as a place within the village itself which can be run by local community activists. These village halls, which you’ll find located in rural and sometimes urban areas, are most popular for hodgepodge-like sales, community theaters, dance venues, control centers, rural community council meetings and much, much more. Nowadays, village halls are defined more as village institutes or community centers instead of halls because of it taking on a charitable status.

Banquet halls can be found all around the world; for instance, the Eagle Banquet Hall located in Chicago, Illinois. One can find it availability for numerous functions like stage events, auctions, wedding receptions, trade shows and other special events. It’s capable of holding over 300 people in its 5,000 square feet of space.

And then there’s Ali’s Banquet Hall found in fabulous Los Angeles, California. This is one particular hall that’s bent on providing a lasting impression the psyche of all visitors by making your visit as memorable as possible. This is seen through the inclusion of chairs and tables, designated parking areas, specially designed beverage containers and even facilities for the warming of food. The personnel at this banquet hall will go to lengths in making themselves available to assist you before and after the special occasion. It is said to be one of the most beautiful banquet halls to be used for virtually any occasion.

When selecting a banquet hall for your function it is a good idea to take into consideration some preliminary points. A banquet hall rental can be a lot of work to organize. Wedding banquet halls have a lot involved in the preparation. So being prepared will help the task go more smoothly and efficiently.

  • What is the event? Does the banquet hall surroundings suit the event? For example if the it is for a wedding, does the hall look the part?
  • What function do you want the banquet hall to serve? Is it for attending a wedding ceremony with chairs only? Or, is it to serve a meal to desks where tables must be available as well?
  • Are you looking for catering? Some banquet halls will offer catering services. If you are wanting to organize your own catering, then be sure and ask if you can bring in your own caterers and ask if there kitchen facilities available to accommodate their needs.
  • Is wait staff provided?
  • Will the banquet hall look after clean-up after your event is over?
  • Is their a curfew for when your party must be shut down?
  • How many people do you need it to accommodate? Find a space that will comfortably fit all of your guests.
  • Is the location central to all who will be attending?
  • Is there affordable parking readily available?
  • Are chairs and tables provided? What about cutlery and dinnerware?
  • Can you decorate the room to fit your style and needs?
  • Is the banquet hall available for the date you have in mind?
  • Does the fee for the banquet hall rental fit within your budget?

It is important to take time and decide what type of space you are looking for when looking for banquet halls for rent. This will save you time in the long run. Make the above list into a questionnaire to take with you when you visit locations. It will serve to help you in not forgetting to ask an important question.


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    • profile image

      kjohn5 4 years ago

      Thanks for sharing this. My friend rented out a banquet hall in Washington DC once. It was beautiful. If I remember right she visited It was a great fit for an amazing event.