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The Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art in Las Vegas

Updated on March 24, 2011

Some Fine Art in Sin City

Now that the Venetian's Guggenheim/Hermitage Museum is closed, the only true fine arts museum left in Las Vegas is the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Arts. It's the only place in Vegas where you'll find original masterpieces by Picasso, Renoir, and Lichtenstein. You'll find incredible paintings, sculptures, and also video installations at the BGFA.

The human subject is a common theme in many of the pieces at BGFA. Some of this art is on loan from the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego and is shown together at the Bellagio for the first time ever.

Admission cost, hours, location

A general admission ticket to the BGFA is $15, and in my opinion it's well worth it. There are discounts for students, teachers, seniors, Nevada residents, and members of the military. The museum opens at 10 in the morning and be sure to get their before 5:30 at night or they might close the doors on you.

You may not bring strollers into the gallery. In addition, turn off your cell phone. For obvious reasons, food and drink are also not allowed in, and photography is prohibited. Unless you're the most interesting man in the world, you are not allowed to touch the art. If you do happen to be carrying something large or have a stroller when you get to the Bellagio, you can store it at the hotel main desk. There is no where at the gallery where you can store it.

The Bellagio is easy to find because it's in the center of the Las Vegas Strip. It has the famous fountains out in front.


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