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The Best Christmas Destination

Updated on March 21, 2020
Kyler J Falk profile image

I am very outdoorsy, and always looking for new hiking partners.

A Winter Wonderland Year-Round


I'm not typically the festive type, in fact most people love to call me "Mr. Scrooge" when it comes to the holidays. However, my frigid, icy heart was melted when I was given the privilege of experiencing all that SkyPark at Santa's Village had to offer. I will admit that the entry price is a bit daunting, but if you can foot the bill then you'll be getting much more than your money's worth both in memories and activities.

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Unmatched Cozy and Festive Ambiance

You'll never meet someone more repulsed by the idea of compulsory holidays, like Christmas, than me; so if I'm coming to tell you that this place is a winter wonderland, well you'd do best to heed my words. The theme of the place is unmatched by anything I've ever experienced, you almost feel as if you've walked into the physical manifestation of holiday cheer itself. Normally holiday cheer would stick to me like old soda from a rot-covered soda can and I want to wash my hands immediately, but not here; SkyPark really goes out of its own way to make everyone feel welcome, festive, and cozy.

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Activities? Activities. Activities!

It wasn't enough for them to make me feel comfortable, no, they had to go a step further in melting my frozen heart by offering a plethora of different activities from a zip-line and rock climbing wall, to ax throwing and archery. For a frugal guy like myself, having these many activities included in the price of admission was a godsend. When I got bored with those I soon found myself in the mountain cabin-like bars/restaurants having a delicious meal and a stiff drink; benefits of the elevation up on this mountain are you don't need to drink so much to start feeling it.

Though I didn't get to take part in all they offered, there was still so much left to do upon our departure. We could've waited in line to see and take pictures with Santa, gone ice skating, assembled some goodies in Santa's workshop, panned for treasures, and watched some puppet shows. Live music had been on the agenda for the evening, but my son got tired, cold, and grumpy so we departed. Even in departing early we all enjoyed ourselves.

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A Mountain Forest Photographer's Dream

The area within and around SkyPark, even the drive up, is what I could only describe as a mountain forest photographer's greatest dream. Though I could not do this topic justice with my own photos, the area was truly breathtaking and I wish I had stopped to take more photos. Vast, sprawling forestry with all manner of wildlife and extreme sports occurring around you make for amazing photo opportunities. When I make my way back up to SkyPark you can guarantee I'll be going much earlier, and rather than rushing straight to the park I'll be stopping at every turnout to really bask in the scenery. You can't come up here half way through the day and expect to have enough time to experience all the wonders available to you, make sure you head up in the morning and expect to stay until sun down or later.

Make sure you dress warm and bring extra layers!

Come Have an Adventure!

I would so love to see some familiar faces out there at SkyPark, so if you ever plan on blowing through then let me know so I can come have an adventure with you! It truly is one of the simplest, but most interesting adventures that I have ever been on and it only left me wanting more once I departed. With all that they offer for the price of admission, I could see myself going multiple times once my son is old enough to wander around by himself. Even if you don't like it, I guarantee your children will! See you out there!


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