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The Best Cities To Visit In Europe

Updated on April 19, 2013

Europe adorned by many beautiful and interesting countries. Not many people really understand how unique and amazing Europe is; but one thing is for sure, European destinations are very popular. Everyone should travel to mainland Europe at least once in their life time because there are so many things to see and do throughout each European country.

There are many beautiful historical landmarks and monuments on show which can date bate hundreds, if not thousands of years. There are different cultural experiences to be had in Europe and the delicacies and scenery can lose anyone in an instance. There are some amazing sites to visit and so many interesting things to see and do.

With summer just weeks away, anyone thinking about booking a holiday must look at Europe. So which European countries and cities are best to visit?

France - Paris

There are many beautiful areas in France to visit including Paris. Paris has to be a favourite for families and couples alike. The capital city has become a major tourist location and it is of course, the City Of Love! There is much beautiful scenery to view and Paris is beautiful at any time of the year. Though, the city is big, it isn’t too difficult to get around the city. The transport is very impressive including the Metro system.

Of course, there are so many beautiful locations to visit while in Paris including the ever popular Eiffel Tower. This is a major tourist location and it can be seen from almost any part of the city. During the day, the Eiffel Tower looks amazing and at night, it is breathtaking! There is also many other locations to visit including the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Arc de Triumphe. Though, there are plenty of boutique stores and shops to visit.

The Louvre museum is quite spectacular to visit and the Chateau De Versailles. Though, for the younger member of the family, Disney Paris is the prime location. This is a great part of the city and to be honest, anyone can spend the entire day at Disneyland Paris and enjoy the day greatly.

Germany – Munich

The Bavarian State capital is a favour for all. Throughout Germany, Munich is the most popular city and it is a great city to visit. It is home to many historical monuments and museums which are amazing to visit. However, the culture and architecture is certainly spectacular to view and it is the home place of the world famous football club Bayern Munich.

Munich is also famed for the Oktoberfest; this is the beer celebration which brings hundreds of thousands of people to the city. There has to be a hundred gallons of beer drunken here and no matter what time of the year, the city is amazing to visit. There are many great historical buildings to view as well as the amazing backdrop the city makes Munich just amazing.

Italy – Venice

Italy is amazing and Venice has to be one of the most popular Italian getaways. This is the city full of canals, the prime location is great for anyone looking to get away on a very romantic trip – Venice is the romantic city of Europe. This might even overthrow Paris as the most romantic place in Europe! However, the gondolas are amazing and everything in Venice is just so different and unique.

The hotels overlook some of the most beautiful canals and the transportation is very simple. It is all on boats, so hopefully you are a fan of boats and water, if not, Venice isn’t for you. Spring is a great season to visit the city, though most seasons are great to visit the city; but Spring is the best time. The best part of the gondola rides has to be the singing; though the best location to visit is the Piazza San Marcos Square.

Italy – Rome

Another beautiful Italian city but Rome is a great city to visit. It is home to the famous Coliseum and a highlight for most tourists. Whether you are an art lover or just someone who loves the amazing architect, Rome is the city for you. The food is really great throughout the city and the transport is quite simple to use; buses are best to use and cheaper. However, there are hundreds of amazing sites to visit throughout the city.

There are amazing places to visit including Palatine Hill, the Pantheon, and of course Vatican City. This is really a country on its own to be honest because it’s not technically Italian even though it’s in Rome. However, if you do get the chance to go to Rome, go to Vatican City and see St. Peters Basilica, the Sistine Chapel and hear a Blessing from the Pope at St. Peters Square.

France – Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez is a fantastic holiday destination. This is a beautiful seaside town that is truly amazing. There is crystal blue water and yachts as far as the eye can see. The beaches are quite beautiful and the many terrace cafes to sit and have a cool drink and ice cream cone.

UK – Edinburgh

Scotland’s capital is a popular destination. Not so much the always sunny city, Edinburgh is full of amazing historical buildings, museums and monuments to visit. Though, Edinburgh isn’t too far away from a few local beaches and amusement arcades. In the wintertime, the ice rink in Prince’s Garden is great to use and the German Markets are quite good to visit. Edinburgh Castle is a lovely historical location to visit also.

UK – London

London is a very popular spot for tourists. This is home to the Westminster Parliament and of course the London Eye. There is the ever popular and infamous Buckingham Palace which millions visit each year hoping to catch a glimpse of the Queen! Though, there are many great attractions in and around London to visit. Anyone visiting will be very lucky to view the amazing scenery.


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