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The Best Hidden Gems in Naples, Florida

Updated on January 28, 2017
Merrihue Mini-park behind the 500 building
Merrihue Mini-park behind the 500 building | Source

Naples, Florida may be known to have some of the best sunsets, but there are areas of the town many visitors don't know exist. It's where some of the best places around town are tucked away off the main roads. They are small places but they are beautiful or excellent in service and quality or both. The spots are a piece of heaven hidden away for anyone to enjoy, especially those who don't mind exploring off the main roads - they are the "gems" of Naples. Below are the top seven best hidden gems in Naples, Florida.

7.) The Brick Coffee and Bar

Starting off the list at number seven, is The Brick Coffee and Bar. This coffee place and bar is actually located on a main road - Fifth Ave South. It may seem from the outside, just a coffee place. When you walk in, it is cozy like a coffee house with some couches - and they do have coffee and food - but they have a little something extra. The Brick is also a bar - a wine bar - where they have wine and beer available also. Their service and quality of items are excellent too. Go ahead, enter The Brick for a cozy hang out with your friends and enjoy a glass of wine, beer, or coffee - whichever you desire.

6.) Osetra

Next on this list at number six, is a place called Osetra. Osetra is also located right on Fifth Ave South like The Brick. It is a little wine bar/restaurant squeezed in between other little places. From the outside you may not notice it, but once you do, you'll want to go in and check it out. When you walk in, you're greeted with an upscale bar, couches and tables. They mostly specialize in wine and champagne. The food is excellent too besides the quality of alcohol, service, and music. You'll want to have a romantic night, sipping wine and dancing the night away with your love!

*note - May 2015: Osetra is no longer open.

Merrihue Mini-park
Merrihue Mini-park | Source

5.) Two Mini-Parks Off Fifth Avenue South

Coming in at number five are two mini-parks which are located off of Fifth Ave South. The two mini-parks are named Merrihue Mini-park and Menefee Mini-park. Merrihue is located behind the 500 white building on Fifth Avenue, though the entrance and sign is between the 500 building and a real estate company. If you follow the path from the street to behind the 500 building, you will come to a wooden boardwalk area with a trellis and wooden benches. This area is the sparkling surface of this gem as it overlooks a beautiful lake with a fountain. At night is especially beautiful and romantic as you can look up and watch the stars in the sky.

Menefee Mini-park is located between buildings also but it is on the opposite side of the street, between Cache store and Provident Jewelry. It is a small strip of beauty where you can sit on a bench and relax for a little bit and enjoy the Fifth Ave surroundings with friends or family.

Menefee Mini-park
Menefee Mini-park | Source
Freddo Gelateria
Freddo Gelateria | Source

4.) Freddo Gelateria

Freddo Gelateria is the number four hidden gem on this list. Like the next few listed, it is not located on a main road. Freddo Gelateria is a gelato shop located off of 10th Street south near Fifth Avenue South and runs parallel to Goodlette-Frank road. It is a tiny shop but outside is a paradise atmosphere and is only open Wednesday- Sunday from 3-10pm. There isn't any seating inside so if you want to sit and relax, they have a patio area with outside couches and chairs. Their service and prices along with the gelato is great, and they are very personable. At Freddo, they have gelato in a whole range of different flavors from chocolate chip and mint chocolate chip to fruit flavors like strawberry and lemon. Overall, it is a lovely little place to hang out with friends and satisfy the ice cream sweet tooth in an italian way!

3.) Shane's Cabana Bar

Number three on my list is a bar called Shane's Cabana Bar. Shane's Cabana Bar is one of the best paradise bars in Naples. It is located off the Naples Bay water in Bayfront Place off of Goodlette-Frank road. The bar is a cabana bar and is one of the only bars in Naples that is right over the water. The drinks and service are excellent and it is truly a piece of heaven, especially for happy hour, if you are over the age of 21. Shane's is also one of the stops of the Naples Water Shuttle, which is mentioned in the "Best Date Night Places in Naples, Florida" list. Make a stop or a whole night of fun here with friends or your loved one or both!

Sassy Cakes
Sassy Cakes | Source

2.) Sassy Cakes

Next on this list of hidden gems at number two is Sassy Cakes. Sassy Cakes is a little cupcake shop located off of Fourth Avenue South behind the Ciao Restaurant, around the back of the building. The cupcakes here are always delicious and mouth watering - perfect for the sweet tooth person! You will want to keep going back. There are both regular sized and mini sized cupcakes depending on how big your taste is, and the service is great too. Pop in for a scrumptious cupcake!

Coney Island Cafe
Coney Island Cafe | Source

1.) Sambusac Coney Island Cafe

Last on this list at number one is Sambusac Coney Island Cafe. The Coney Island Cafe is located off of 10th Street South also, and is around the corner from Freddo Gelateria. It is a quaint, little place to have lunch as it's only open Monday - Saturday from 11am - 3pm, and to have a mini "get away." There's plenty to choose from with sandwiches, hot dogs, Mediterranean pies, salads, and sodas/iced tea/lemonade or an adult beverage of either beer or wine if you can. This unique place is cash only though and kids are always welcome, along with the excellent service. Here you don't actually feel like you're still in Naples - it has an island Mediterranean feel, and is a wonderful midday break! Any day you choose to stop in, it feels like a miniature vacation during the week. It's an island-like little stay-cation to enjoy with friends, family, or significant other!

There are many hidden "gem" spots in Naples, Florida that are pieces of heaven hidden away for anyone to enjoy. I hope you all enjoyed this list and will go check out these little gems! Happy exploring!

The "Hidden Gems"

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A markerThe Brick Coffee & Bar -
531 5th Avenue South, Naples, FL 34102, USA
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The Brick Coffee & Bar

B markerFreddo Gelateria -
995 5th Avenue Parkway, Naples, FL 34102, USA
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Freddo Gelateria

C markerShane's Cabana Bar -
495 Bayfront Place, Naples, FL 34102, USA
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Shane's Cabana Bar

D markerSambusac Coney Island Cafe -
404 10th Street South, Naples, FL 34102, USA
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Sambusac Coney Island Cafe

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