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The Ten Best Books about Oklahoma that feature Oklahoma Attractions and Oklahoma History

Updated on November 2, 2012

Oklahoma: A State Unlike Any Other

Oklahoma has had many names, from Indian Territory to the Wild West, from Oil Capitol of the World to the Sooner State, but one thing remains the same; Oklahoma is a vast land filled with growth and excitement.

Imagine the Caddo Indian as they first set foot in the Ouachita Mountains; the soaring landscapes, the crimson sun sinking below the emerald mountains, the clear streams meandering through the valleys.

Or travel to the other side of the state towards No Man’s Land and into the High Plains. It is a place where the horizon stretches on forever. It is a place where the ancient Comanche hunted the large buffalo, and where the dust bowl roamed across the state.

Or still yet, travel to the heart of Oklahoma where soaring skyscrapers touch the clouds. Where political scandal rocked the nation as one man “stole” the state capitol and changed the Oklahoma’s history.

No matter where one travels in Oklahoma, there is much to be found. Oklahoma is, indeed, a state unlike any other.

Oklahoma Books: Attractions

For many, visions of Oklahoma are filled with Cowboys and Indians. Others visualize it as a roughneck state where oil wells are the only thing that separates the endless ground from the horizon. While Oklahoma has both of these things, those don't define Oklahoma.

Besides the Cowboys, the Indians, and the Oil Wells, Oklahoma has much to offer. These Oklahoma books were selected because they showcase the best of what Oklahoma has to offer. Within the pages of these books, you'll find information on hundreds of different Oklahoma attractions.

Some of the attractions you'll find in these books include: The Catoosa Blue Whale, the Myriad Botanical Gardens in Oklahoma City, Castles in Oklahoma, Zoos, Art Museums, and so much more.

Oklahoma's two largest cities, Tulsa and Oklahoma City, offer the highest number of attractions in Oklahoma. For those visiting or living in those cities, the best Oklahoma books are the Insider's series.

Oklahoma Books: History

Oklahoma has one of the most unique histories in the country. Officially, Oklahoma was known as Indian Territory until statehood in 1907. Prior to that, , several different Indian nations were spread across what would become the future state. They had independent governments and laws, and these Indian nations weren't subject to the laws of the United States.

During the late 1800's, Oklahoma held a series of "land-runs" that was truly unique in American history. After the Dawes Commission, unclaimed land in the Indian Territory was opened up for white settlemenet. Pioneers would line up along the Kansas border. At a predetermined time, a gunshot would go off and the settlers would race to claim their land. After each land-run, cities and towns sprung up all across Oklahoma almost overnight.

After statehood, Oklahoma grew rapidly. In the early 1900s, Oklahoma was known as both a coal state and an oil state. In fact, Oklahoma was once known as "The Oil Capitol of the World". This was a period when hard working individuals became millionaires in the blink of an eye.

During the 1930s, Oklahoma entered into a period of darkness. Immediately following the Great Depression, Oklahoma experienced further turmoil with the Dust Bowl.

The Oklahoma Books listed here showcase some of the best history that the state has to offer. For those who want to trace Oklahoma's history, the Atlas is definitely a required Oklahoma book to have. The roadside history book takes the reader through many of the small towns in Oklahoma and introduces them to various interesting tidbits.

The Oklahoma books about outlaws, ghost towns, and treasures provide an interesting outline of Oklahoma's early days. While not true "history" books, they share stories of Oklahoma's past in a way that encourages people to go out and explore the state.

More Oklahoma Books

If you were unable to find what you're looking for on this page, simply click the Amazon link below. This link will take you to more books about Oklahoma on


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