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The Best Place in the State: Iowa

Updated on February 20, 2013

Iowa 80

I-80 is one of the great North American highways. Stretching from New York to San Francisco, this 3,000 mile long highway has it's shares of attractions and tourist wonders. Yet few places can compare in sheer size to the Iowa 80 truckstop that lies on the far eastern Iowa border. It began humbly enough back in 1964. The original truckstop was built by a regional manager for Standard Oil named Bill Moon. Moon however was a visionary and under his guidance the simple truckstop that was little more than a small store and restaurant grew into a large megaplex that entertains more than 5,000 visitors every day.

The features of this truckstop are simply staggering.

  • 15 fuel stations
  • A 300 seat restaurant as well as seven other restaurants
  • A 60 seat movie theater
  • A barbershop, chiropractor and dentist!
  • A 30,000 sq foot show room (connected to the 67,000 sq foot main building)
  • Parking for 800 trucks

Clearly this complex boasts features that which no other truckstop can compare,

Next time you are driving across Iowa pull over and spend some time at this roadside wonder. Step inside the building and you will forget you are there to fill up the gas tank.


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