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Six Best Things to do With Kids ( from Toddlers to Teenagers) in the Cayman Islands.

Updated on February 6, 2017

Cayman is All About the Ocean!

To say that the Cayman Islands is all about the ocean is no overstatement. Visitors to the islands will find a reverence and celebration of the ocean which permeates everything on the island. The happy result is that your family vacation to the Cayman islands will mean your kids spend their days exploring not only the beach, but also the colorful life that lays beneath the ocean. For teenagers, this means snorkelling and scuba diving in some of the the coolest dive sites in the world. Toddlers will love petting turtles, or just being awed by the hundreds of sting rays in the popular Stingray City. As most families stay on the more developed Grand Cayman Island, all the activities on this list are located in Grand Cayman. Here is a list of the best things to do with kids in the Cayman Islands.

A Stingray in the clear waters of Cayman Island's Stingray City

A friendly stingray in Cayman Island's Stingray City where waters are shallow enough for kids to stand in the ocean with the creatures.
A friendly stingray in Cayman Island's Stingray City where waters are shallow enough for kids to stand in the ocean with the creatures.

Walk among stingrays in Stingray City

Stingray City is the rare place where human beings get to actually interact with stingrays in their natural habitat. Families with kids are often surprised when they realize that although they are out in the middle of the ocean, they can in fact stand in the shallow waters of this stingray haunt. It is this fact that makes Stingray City the number one thing to do with young kids in the Cayman Islands. Imagine how thrilled your little ones will be to find that they can easily stand in the three feet waters of Stingray City for a close up experience with these beautiful creatures.

Stingray City is really a sandbar in the middle of the ocean where fishermen used to throw out the refuse from their catch. The stingrays came to expect food in this spot, and made it a kind of home. Today, instead of fishermen, daily tours to the area bring people who the stingrays willingly swim up to, and sometimes even allow to hold them. Take your toddlers who will enjoy the close up views of these unusually shaped sea creatures safely from the boat, while your older kids and teenagers will be amazed at just how close they can get to the stingrays. As Stingray City is only accessible by water, a boat tour is the most common way to get there. These can be arranged through your hotel or privately through a reputable company like Crystal Charters at

Take Toddlers to Play With Starfish at Starfish Point.

Like Stingray City, Starfish Point's shallow, clear water make it a perfect place to experience life beneath the ocean. However, unlike Stingray City, one may actually walk from the beach out into the calm, clear water and experience the orange and pink starfish that make this beach their home. Starfish Point is the popular name given to a beach (actually called Kai Point beach) that boasts calm water because of its sheltered location. However, this beach is more than just a beach: a short walk into the ocean unveils the most beautiful starfish just swimming around or lazying on the ocean's floor. Starfish Point is especially ideal for toddlers who can easily be carried out into the calm waters of this beach for an authentic interaction with these colorful sea creatures. As Starfish Point is close to Stingray City, it may also be experienced as an add on to a Stingray City tour.

Cayman Turtle Farm ( Popular Cayman Thing to do With Kids )

The whole family will enjoy this refuge dedicated to turtles. The Cayman Turtle Farm is your families chance to learn all about turtles in a facility set on a gorgeous blue lagoon.There are daily talks and a short film showcasing the special place turtles play in Caymanian culture. There are opportunities to interact with the turtles either through petting for the toddlers, or actually getting into a tank with them for the older ones. The most interesting thing about the Turtle Farm is probably the sheer size of some of the turtles there. Both kids and adults will be amazed at how big these ocean creatures can get. Because of the size of the turtle farm, expect to spend about two hours there. For information on rates, hours and more, visit

Take Older Kids on a Dive to a Real Shipwreck--Kittiwake Shipwreck

The Cayman Islands are popular world wide for their awesome dive sites. For teenagers who love scuba diving or snorkeling, the Kittiwake shipwreck is a good way to follow a guided dive into a real vessel, even if not a certified diver. The wreck is actually the remains of a U.S Navy rescue submarine. Although fairly new, the site already has extensive coral growth and a decent amount of colorful fish that have already made it home! Uncertified, but experienced teenaged divers may follow a guided tour with a dive master. is well regarded for safe and professional dives with modern technology. which can be booked through reputable companies like

Admire the Sea Life Sculptures at Davinoff's Concrete Sculpture

In the Cayman Islands, even the art focuses on the ocean. Davinoff's sculptures reflect just how much Caymanians love the ocean. Located in the front yard of the artist, the whimsical concrete sculptures include renditions of a dolphin surrounded by fish, a mermaid, a giant crab and an octopus.

The sculptures exude a cool, playful vibe that should appeal to the kids in the family. Younger kids will especially love experiencing the ocean in such a fresh way. However, it's the older kids in your family who will appreciate these sculptures the most. Teenaged visitors invariably start snapping selfie after selfie upon seeing the unusual art. The great thing about a trip to Davinoff's is that the kids can admire the art and take selfies for as long as they like as the sculptures are open to the public for free. To get there, check with your hotel for directions to the Davinoffs.

Laze on some of the best beaches in the world

One cannot visit the Cayman Islands and not visit the beach. The beaches on the islands are rated among the best in the world. With good reason too. With the clearest, turquoise waters and calm waves, these beaches are perfect for families just looking to build sandcastles or enjoy some calm warm waves.

The Seven Mile and Governor's beaches are particularly good, but can get packed on a Sunday when local families flock to the beach for a day of relaxation. Visit on a weekday, and plan to snorkel and swim in some of the clearest water in the world. End the day admiring one of the Cayman Island's famous lavender orange sunsets. For general information on planning a trip to a Caymanian beach, visit the Cayman government's tourism site at

The beaches on Cayman Islands are rated among the best. Their calm waves and clean sands make them perfect for kids.
The beaches on Cayman Islands are rated among the best. Their calm waves and clean sands make them perfect for kids.


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