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The Bite Of Las Vegas And Why I'll Never Go Again

Updated on September 13, 2015

The Bite of Las Vegas. Every year all of my friends talk about this wonderful event and how cool it is. How much fun they have; the food is great, the music is great, blah blah blah. This year I was finally able to go to experience this wonderful outdoor festival and I can faithfully say it was a waste of money and time. I have more complaints than positive thoughts on this one.

First Complaint - The Heat

Who in their right mind decided to plan an all day outdoor activity in September? This isn't the Midwest where it's already fall. It was 104 degrees out. I was sweating like a middle eastern man. From walking through the parking lot, through the entrance, to the stage and back around looking for a beverage, I'm certain I lost 7 pounds of just sweat. Suggestion: plan it for October or November. It's not as though it gets cold here.

Second Complaint: Ticket Prices

I paid $18 for my ticket. They made a huge deal about purchasing your tickets early because the prices were going to be going up and would be more expensive the week of. My friends waited until the last minute to buy their tickets and they only paid $12. I realize that it's only a $6 difference, but do you know what I could get for $6? A beer. I could get a beer.

Third Complaint: The Beverages

It was 104 degrees out, all I wanted was a frozen alcoholic beverage. There were none. I settled for a smoothie from Tropical Smoothie. I waited in a long line, all my make-up sweated off, in fact, the sweat was burning my eyes. And when I finally got up to the front to order, she handed me a smoothie out of a cooler. Out of a cooler. It was already half melted and not refreshing at all. We found the signs that said "Beer" but we couldn't find the beer. We finally found it, opposite the sign and there were two lines. First you had to wait in line to purchase a ticket. This was cash only. What business nowadays doesn't take credit card? After purchasing the ticket we then had to stand in another line to buy the beer, with the ticket. I'm still not sure the purpose of the ticket. Let's get rid of the middle man next year.

Fourth Complaint: Parking

At any big event I expect parking issues to happen. I'm not complaining about having to walk half a mile from my car to the event, sweating so much that my shorts were too big on me by the time I got to the front gate. I'm complaining about the setup. For starters, coming off of Durango, there was no way of turning left into the parking lot. They had it blocked off. You had to drive past it, turn left on some sides street, U-turn there, then come back around and make a right into the parking line. Or do an illegal u-turn in the middle of the road. Then once in the lot, which was a very bumpy rock filled lot, if you drove a small vehicle or anything with lowered parts, you had to find a way to turn around because you weren't going to make it. It honestly felt as though I was doing an off-road excursion. And then there was a man directing traffic who insisted on waiting for each vehicle to finish parking before he would let another vehicle down the aisle. Maybe work two aisles at a time next year?

Last Complaint: The Music And Its Awkward Silence

I'm not talking about the actual music itself - everyone sounded wonderful! Lifehouse and Third Eye Blind being my favorites, of course. There were even performances by kids at The School of Rock tent that were very enjoyable. However, the set up was something to be desired. In the middle of the evenings performances, they stopped to give awards. I don't mean to be insensitive, but I don't think people went there to hear who was winning The Bite Awards, where there seemed to be an award for everything (think: participation ribbons.) And hearing the DJ was painful, the sound kept going in and out so I heard the beginning of some sentences, and the end of others, but never an entire sentence. Lastly, in between the musicians, the downtime was ridiculously long. There was no reason it should have taken so long in between sets. They played some music, but it was so low, you could barely hear it. My friends and I sat on the grass in awkward silence, trying not to fall asleep, while we waited for the next band. No one knew what to do during this time. Can we get more stage hands please?


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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      This sound like a lousy place to hangout. Tq